Artworks That Will Gross You Out If You Suffer From Trypophobia

Artworks That Will Gross You Out If You Suffer From Trypophobia

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By: Diana Garrido

May 9, 2017

Art Artworks That Will Gross You Out If You Suffer From Trypophobia
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By: Diana Garrido

May 9, 2017

We all feel revulsion, sometimes it can be overpowering and others it can simply be a passing sensation. 
Fear of something real or imaginary can trigger incredibly distressing sensations: anxiety, nervousness, distress, and even cold sweats. To evoke these arresting sensation is precisely the goal of Colin Christian's grotesque art. He gives shape to those disturbing nightmares that make us recoil out of sheer panic. 

Grotesque art Colin Christian mouth-w636-h600
Grotesque art Colin Christian eye-w636-h600

Phobias aren't instinctual, but rather irrational fears that stem from the darkest recesses of the unconscious mind. We all feel uneasy from time to time, our hearts pound and our palms swear, but if that fear stops us in our tracks then it is time to face it head on. For Freud, they are part of our neurotic processes and act as mechanisms we use to protect ourselves from anything that can potentially harm us, either physically or psychologically. Fear has alway been at the core of the human mind. It is thanks to its existence that our species continues to thrive, cautiously and rationally.  

Grotesque art Colin Christian neck-w636-h600
Grotesque art Colin Christian mask-w636-h600

There's a phobia that has become increasingly popular in the last years... You guessed it: trypophobia. It can be defined as an intense fear or revulsion towards the sight of clusters of holes in various geometrical formations. Sometimes the sight of beehive patterns or a soccer ball is enough to make a trypophobic recoil in horror. This fiery reaction inspired Colin Christian's creations. His aim is not to disrespect the audience in any way, but rather stir their darkest passions, feelings, and ideas.

Grotesque art Colin Christian teeth-w636-h600
Grotesque art Colin Christian hand-w636-h600
Grotesque art Colin Christian worms-w636-h600
Christian's artworks consist of a series of sculptures covered with plenty of holes, teeth, exposed flesh, and a dash of psychedelia. What he wants more than anything is to cause different sensations in any person who dares to take a close look at any of his creations and document the way people confront fears and anxieties like fear of blood and danger.

Grotesque art Colin Christian cross-w636-h600
Grotesque art Colin Christian ear-w636-h600

For this artist, fear can also stir other feelings like love or lust. That's why he sees his creations as "sexy and creepy." These pieces stimulate all the senses and work together seamlessly to tell a story. Even if you're not trypophobic, you'll find that after looking at any of them for a long time, chills start to run down your spine, but you may not know anymore if that's fear or excitement. If what Freud says is true, that the "repressed libido comes out in the form of anxiety, and affects the outer world," then it is time to analyze your feelings towards these sculptures. Are you revolted? Excited? Or indifferent?

Grotesque art Colin Christian tongue-w636-h600

"You could say these feelings are closely related to the curation process. However, I'd like to thing that my work could also be interpreted as a cyber-erotic artwork that manages to reach beyond appearances. To get rid of constrained beauty standards, and explore what lies within exposed flesh."
–Colin Christian

Grotesque art Colin Christian dots-w636-h600

The artist is fascinated by this phobia and as we look at all the blood, holes, and teeth jutting out, we wonder whether this fear that is sparked comes from our instincts or if it is conditioned by society. 
. All these blood, holes, and signals make us question whether these fears are just a natural predetermination or a condition created by all those horrors that our own rotting society refuses to acknowledge. This sculptures have also provided an opportunity to carry out an in-depth research about the importance of grotesque symbols in our lives. 

If you want to know more about Colin Christian's work, you can also visit his Instagram page

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Translated by Andrea Valle