The Artist Who Uses His Paintings As A Way To Fight Chaos

The Artist Who Uses His Paintings As A Way To Fight Chaos

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By: David Solis

March 1, 2017

Art The Artist Who Uses His Paintings As A Way To Fight Chaos
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By: David Solis

March 1, 2017

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance”


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Any form of artistic expression is an act of communication that drives humanity to the next step in our evolutionary path.

Creativity and intercultural connections are elements that create guidelines to our continuous journey of enlightenment. Those charged with being witnesses of modernity use material objects to capture an optimistic view of the current landscape of our planet.

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Hugo Navarro is a Mexican artist who likes to experiment through his paintings. Through brushstrokes and ink bleeding on paper, he presents his vision of the world.

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“Today more than ever, because of new media, the artist has plenty of tools on hand. They can connect with any colleague located even in the farthest corner of the globe. They can be up to date with the latest trends in art. The way we receive and process our reality is in constant mutation and constant renewal. This then results in a wealth of resources to develop their work both on an ideological or conceptual level. Then there’s, of course, the market system which has made all materials easy to acquire.”

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“I don’t have a set style in mind when I’m working. It’s not like I say, ‘This time I’ll try cubism or impressionism.' Genres are systems used by historians, critics, and curators. They’re a way to classify, arrange, or establish identities. Despite several people labelling my work as expressionist, I feel that doesn’t describe me fully.”

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The artist admits we’re in a transitional state in our perception of reality. He believes art criticism, “is being left behind. There are no real critics. Paradigms must be renovated or substituted in order to survive. The art market continues using outdated concepts, pretensions, and cliques. They might be strengthened by the current economic and political system but even that is nothing new.”

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Art allows for incredible humanist development. It’s an incredible way to access knowledge, and it also works as a door of infinite possibilities, this due to new forms of media and how they’re used.

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One of the collections titled Ink Creatures on Paper was inspired by the inkblot. The random stain on white paper leads to a chaotic catharsis of ink strokes. The splotches suggest shapes and ideas. Then order is established with a quill. A line is drawn to create balance and a sense of space. It creates order amidst chaos.

Navarro considers artistic education means a constant learning of new techniques instead of the current dogmatic system. He does not see anything negative about using new mediums for the creation, promotion, consumption, and formation of art. Instead, he generates infinite possibilities, both for creators and consumers, as well as ways to perceive and appropriate reality.

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The artist likes to experiment in a conceptual manner by using techniques, media, and materials without prejudice, as a way of analyzing processes and structures of either a natural or cultural nature. His projects are, at times, analogies ruled by symbolisms, as well as questionings on the role of art in our current hierarchy.

Like Navarro there are plenty of other artists who use their art as a way of coping with the strangeness of the everyday. Is the link between creativity and insanity just a myth?

Translated by María Suárez