This Artist Locked Himself Inside A Rock To Hear Your Darkest Secret

Art This Artist Locked Himself Inside A Rock To Hear Your Darkest Secret

Each person is a universe. As we walk this Earth, we as humans uncover the true essence of our memory. These inner worlds where meanings change, depending on each person’s inherent traits and values, show us the frailty of our constructed reality.

Artist Abraham Poincheval chose to lock himself inside a rock for a whole week for one particular reason: to know the story of each person who would walk up to him. His exile would become a small journey to the inner worlds of each individual who wanted to share something with him. Through a small crack in the stone, members of the audience can choose to share secrets, memories, thoughts, or whatever they’d like to tell him.

Poincheval Artist Inside Rock-w636-h600

The space inside the rock is so small, the artist’s shape had to be cast into it. Once locked, the stone only had a small slit for air and Poincheval had to store his own waste in bottles in the nooks around him. For his week-long isolation he survived on soups, dried meat, and water.

Far from an imprisonment, the rock is a symbol of the first block of a new reality built by different perspectives he encountered during this week. Because of the situation of being inside this cave enclosure, the artist’s sense of time was also disrupted.

Poincheval Artist Inside Rock Bear-w636-h600

Poincheval is a master at playing with the sense of life and the way human beings see it. When his ordeal came to an end, he told reporters, "I'm a little dazed, which I imagine is totally normal after one week living in a rock." 

Prior to locking himself inside a rock, Poincheval lived inside a stuffed bear carcass for two weeks, eating only beetles and worms. His next feat will be to “nest” over a dozen eggs in hopes that they hatch. We’re sure to continue hearing about this artist and his antics for years to come.


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Translated by María Suárez