100 Most Sensual Novels That Go Beyond Passion

100 Most Sensual Novels That Go Beyond Passion

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By: Alonso Martínez

October 27, 2016

Books 100 Most Sensual Novels That Go Beyond Passion
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By: Alonso Martínez

October 27, 2016

Heady sighs and grumbles are what the novel series 50 Shades of Grey evoked in its readers and the general public, a mediocre work that left purists baffled as to why people from all ages read it. It is no secret that this saga was heavily influenced by another collection, Twilight. Suddenly, the spotlight was on the erotic genre, a genre that was tucked away and only taken out at night for the intimate pleasure of the reader. We might not wish to admit this, but these novels, no matter how badly constructed, revived a genre within the general public that had once been deemed as unnecessary and absurd. 

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Norwegian writer and journalist, Mariella Fostrup affirms that there are indeed terrible erotic novels out there, but there are equally beautiful ones that are captivating and seductive. She stresses the importance of sex in our lives and how it is closely tied to our emotions. It is time we left behind porn and inched closer to great, erotic novels. 

Anonymous– From Eveline

Rudyard Kipling– First Dawn

Kate Chopin – A Respectable Woman

Anonymous – A Night in a Moorish Harem

Bram Stoker–Dracula

John Gibb – Blind Love

John Fowles –The Magus

Angela Carter–The Bloody Chamber

Patricia Highsmith – Carol

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Angela Carter–The Company of Wolves

A stunning story that mixes together all the elements of a gothic horror story with the fairytales we all know and love. Late at night, in the darkness of the woods, we hear the howling of wolves. Death and sex are never far apart and we see another side to Red Riding Hood: she is a woman in control of the situation, who is more than willing to be seduced and lured by the wolf. The sexual overtones and the frequent erotic references to the body make this an interesting and titillating story. 

Alice Munro – Bardon Bus

Luke Jennings – Serena

Henri Breton – The Disappearing Island

Justine Dubois –Torn Lace

Rebecca Chance – Gluttony

Roger Moineau –Coming Swimmingly

Alessandra Rivalta – The Perfect Italian Wife

Harriet Warner – A Bed for the Night

Diana Gabaldon – Revelations of the Bridal Chamber

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D.H Lawrence – Lady Chatterley’s Lover

A novel that was banned for many years and called pornography but is now considered a masterpiece. It is an honest portrayal of an extramarital affair, and we cannot help but curl further into the cushions as we read the explicit sexual explorations of the central characters. 

"A woman has to live her life, or live to repent not having lived it.”


John Gibb – Green

Francis Dean – The Elegant Duchess

Adnan Mahmutovic – Fatima

Edward Field – Forbidden Arias

Primula Bond – The Silver Chain

Emma Donoghue – The Tale of the Rose

Jodi Ellen Malpas – This Man

Ali May – When it Gets Hot in Tehran

John Gibb – Four in Hand

Paullina Simons – The Bronze Horseman

sensual novels paullina simons

Its profound eroticism catapulted this novel to become a bestseller. During the summer of 1941, the Metanov family and Tatiana must contend with the horrors of war and life in Leningrad. As the German army encloses the city, the future looks bleak. Yet, not all is lost; love arrives in the form of Alexander, a soldier whose passion only equals the deadly secrets he holds close to his chest. Deadly and passionate and like all erotic novels, heady as well. 

Nnenna Marcia – House Keeping

Nina Gibb – On the Beach

Ruby McNally – The Midwesterners

Anna Maconochie – What Have I to Do With You?

Veronica Cancio de Grandy – Pears and Silk

Laurence Klavan – The Witness

Kate Percival – The Life and Amours of Beautiful, Gay and Dashing Kate Percival, the Belle of the Delaware

James Joyce – Ulysses

John Cleland – Fanny Hill

Hearts have fluttered and cheeks have been flushed and pink since the novel Fanny Hill first appeared in London in 1748. "Obscene" is what they called this fictional account of a woman and her journey to middle-class respectability. We delve into the boudoirs of courtesans and the brothels of Augustan England. 


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Anne Rice – The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty

Roberta Latow – Three Rivers

Alan Hollinghurst – The Swimming-Pool Library

Anaïs Nin – A Model

Luke Jennings – Small Talk

Elizabeth Speller – Thought Waves

Louise Welsh – The Worm on the Bud

Louise Black – Grammar Lessons

Justine Dubois – Dorchester Evening

Roald Dahl – The Great Switcheroo

Dahl is well loved and remembered for his children stories. In 1974 he published this story in the Playboy magazine. The story focuses on a couple who go to a party, and in a flash we notice that they want to change companions just for a night. Dahl's naughty story breaks away from the genres and narratives he usually employed. The narrative flows in its simplicity and its sensuality is unmistakable. 


Nikki Gemmell – The Bride Stripped Bare

Helen Cross – Pull

Andrew Crumey – Vox Vulva

Michel Faber – Bed & Breakfast

Nikki Gemmell – Nevertire

Louise Welsh – Belle and Sylvie

Katie Kelly – Summer

Alex Chambers – The Selfish Giantess

Garry Stewart – Off the Road

Henry Miller – Quiet Days in Clichy

sensual novels henry miller

A story of love and art that celebrates the Bohemian life. There was once a time when the world was simpler and slower, and in this story we follow a young, penniless writer in Paris and his escapades in the city of love and unrestrained passion. 

Nnenna Marcia – Mrs Salad Woman

Malachi O’Doherty – Love Me, Love My Wife

LaShonda Katrice Burnett– The Art Of Losing

Kass Goldsworthy – Commute

Kass Goldsworthy – This Is What It’s Like

Charlotte Stein – Intrusion

Neville Elder – The Red House

Arlene Heyman – The Loves of Her Life

Guillaume Apollinaire – Memoirs of a Young Rakehill

Marquis de Sade – Justine

sensual novels justine

Justine came to light in 1791 and consolidated the Marquis de Sade as the master of erotica. There is a whiff of controversy that continues to surround this novel, since it breaks all preconceived notions about sex, and it unflinchingly tests the limits of the reader.

Pauline Réage – Story of O

Sebastion Gray – The Slit

Alina Reyes – Behind Closed Doors

Michel Houellebecq – Atomised

Henri Breton – The Devil’s Whisper

Michel Faber – The Perfect W

Lucy Golden – Hannah’s Tale-Flat

Geoff Nicholson – Glove Story

Christine Poutney – Mean Streak

Georges Bataille – The Antique Wardrobe

Georges Bataille was a prominent philosophy figure during the twentieth century in France. He explored areas like literature, anthropology, economics, sociology, art, history, and philosophy. His fascination with human behavior led him to explore eroticism and analyze how people are transformed and influenced by such a gripping emotion. 

David Henry Sterry– The Snow Leopard

Mitizi Szereto –Moonburn

Harriet Warner – Burning Desire

Anne Billson – Dead Girls

Angelica Jacob – This Year at Marienbad

Geoff Nicholson – California Streamin’

D.B.C Pierre – Lust

Helen Walsh – You’ve Been Framed

Christine Poutney – The Cat That Got the Cream

Poutney is a contemporary Canadian writer whose texts have been lauded by noted media like The Guardian and New York Times magazine. Her work is not entirely focused on eroticism, but we tip our hats to The Cat that Got the Cream, a clear example of her talent and the natural way in which she plunges into the depths of human sexuality. 

Lucy Golden – Finny’s Tale- The Creature in the Garden

Katie Kelly – Let’s Put This to Bed

A.F. Harrold – The Boys

Nicholson Baker – Shandee Finds Dave’s Arm

Fulani – The Phenomenology of the Whip (Porn Mix)

Danielle Schloss– Park Antics

Ortensia Visconti – Tokyo

Tiffany Reisz – The Saint

Jo Mazelis – Rose Madder and the Silken Robe

Christopher Peachment – The Man Also Rises

Helen Walsh – Men and Motors

In Fostrup's eyes, young people have a mistaken approach to sexuality. The availability of porn means people have access to all kinds of sexual acts devoid of a context or meaning. Porn invites you to passively look and accept what is being done, but when you read an erotic text, it awakens different emotions and sensations that allow you to better understand your own desires and passions. 

Fostrup compiled the best erotic novels that promise to be a titillating read. In her book, Desire, she wants readers to understand the complexity of sex and the importance imagination has in sparking desire.


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