16 Persian Poems That Will Bring Beauty To Your Day

16 Persian Poems That Will Bring Beauty To Your Day

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By: Maria Suarez

January 3, 2019

Books 16 Persian Poems That Will Bring Beauty To Your Day
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By: Maria Suarez

January 3, 2019

Beautiful words that evoke feelings of longing, passion, euphoria, and love. Brighten your day with these Persian poems.

Persian Art Lady

I’ve always liked listening to someone recite poetry. There is something about hearing out loud the words that are meant to be spoken. But on days when I need poetry in my life, I read out loud to myself, hoping the stanzas, full of melancholy or passion or despair, will fill my heart. But sometimes I get stuck with the same poets, the same stories, and wonder if I should search for something new to refresh my soul.

One day I came across a book of Persian love poems and opened at a random page to check it out. I could not put it down. There was a passion within these short pieces that reached out and took hold of me. I keep the book close at all times in case I need a small dose of comforting words in my life.

Here are 16 passionate love poems to bring a bit of beauty into your day. Some of these poets are from the tenth century while others are recent, with their authors living in present-day Iran.  
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Although my heart is full of the sorrow of separation,

Joy mixed with your sorrow increases my unhappiness.

Every night I think of you and say, oh Lord:

Here is separation and there is connection.


At last I was recaptured by his love

Resisting had no effect

Love is like an ocean without a shore

How can one swim there, oh wise one?

Love must be taken right to the end

Many unsuitable things must be accepted 

Ugliness must be seen as if it were good

Poison must be taken as if it were sugar

I was disobedient and did not understand:

The harder you pull, the tighter the rope.
Persian Painting Couple

Baba Tahir Uryan

Because of what I see and feel, I scream

What the eye sees, the heart remembers.

I will forge a dagger with a tip of steel and

Destroy my sight to set free my heart.

Mahasti Ganjavi

Each night, with sorrow for you, a new hardship I see

In my sight, instead of sleep, tears I see

When, like your narcissus, I go to sleep,

A dream I have, more disheveled than your hair.
Persian Art

Nasibi Gilani

Today, separated from my love, I am

 Without companion, sweetheart and friend, I am

The one who did not sleep on the darkness of night, I am

 In short, entangled in every sorrow, I am.

Khaju Kirmani

I had vowed never to give my heart to anyone again.

 But what should I do? Once more I am caught in a passion.

My sigh at dawn will stop the morning breeze.

 When one night I let out a sigh at the top of your lane.
Persian Flower

Jahan Malik Khatun

The lover left, not noticing my sad heart 

 And shunned my worldly burning sigh 

My tears covered the earth, from one end to another

The unfaithful lover did not even pass my way

My sigh left me and reached seventh heaven

And had no effect whatsoever on his hard heart.


Though I am old, hold me tight in your arms at night 

So at dawn I will rise beside you as a young man.
Persian Blue Tile


Come, I am lovesick and desolate without you

Come and see how sick I am in this sorrow without you

At night I lament you absence, oh fairy-faced,

And when the morning comes, it is as if I am on fire without you.


Love came, and away went patience and fortitude,

As did endurance and tranquility, comfort and sleep.

This flame of love set my heart on fire

This flood of love drowned me.
Persian artistry

Forugh Farrokhzad

Why do you ask me the color of his eyes?

When did the color of his eyes ever capture me?

The fire that sparked from his eyes

Was what ensnared this mad heart.


No, she has not yet died, because I am still alive 

She is alive in my sorrow, my poem and my fantasy

Whatever poetic heritage I have is hers

Can the center of love and beauty be ever silenced

And that sweet woman die – she, who bore Shahriyar?

“Never will die the ones whose heart is alive with love.”
Persian Book Art

Fereydoun Moshiri

Without you at a night of full moon, once again I walked through that lane

I was all eyes, bedazzled I searched for you.

The joy of seeing you overflowed the jug of my existence

I became the same mad lover I was before.

Homa Katouzian

Like a flower I shall embrace your love

And then switch off the light of reason.

I shall place my head between your breasts,

I drink love from the scent of your body.
Persian Horses

Nahid Yousefi

Everyone’s heart is broken one way or another

Whether by strangers or by friends

There is no objection if it is broken by a stranger,

But by the friend, why?
Persian Poetry Tile

Parvin Jahanbani

I am a woman

Who has not buried love alive in her body

The desert that screams: Rain on me.

My heart is heavy

I am a woman

Banished from the abode of the gods.

Let the green-tongued ones of unknown love

Reproach Raba’a and Forugh.

Women who

Love the raw passion of love 

Women who, with their pains, cannot be confined

Women who do not hide

Their feelings in the corners of their scarves or behind their veils

Or under the carpet.
Persian Painting

Some of these poets, like Hafiz and Sa’di, whose tombs are still visited by the young and the old alike, are well known for those who love the written word. But I wonder, how is it that the names of the women who write these contemporary poems are not as widespread?

We hear the name of the country of Iran being thrown around on a daily basis on television and most media. But what if we switched our focus and, instead of distancing ourselves from this country and its conflicts, found a new perspective through its gorgeous artistry?

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