A Poem To Remember Why A Dog's Love Is The Best Thing In The World

May 17, 2018

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poem about a dog

The simplicity in R. Bremner's poems captures very complex ideas about love, dreams, and introspection. With just a few lines, Bremner achieves something quite unique: to pause the beauty that surrounds our lives and turn it into words.

poem about a dog 1


Just one more empty dog day


here alone in my quiet house

with nothing to do until you


All these doltish activities:

play with dumb dog toys?

Oh shust, it's no fun without

you to tease and play the fool.

Bark at the postman, spew terror

into him? Aw hell, he’s not

a bit bothered with me stuck

this side of the door.

The cats, even the squirrels who

wander by no longer fear

my growls. They mock me!

I collapse into sleep, with dreams

of ripping tabby apart.

And when you come home, what

do you do as I yip and yap, jump and


You scold me to get down, tell me


Relax! Don’t you know my drab world

has just come alive, my heart is racing,

life is suddenly so great?

Better enjoy me. I won’t be here

forever, and you don’t even know

all I do for you. And all I mean to


(appeared online in Poets Online, June, 2015)


Photos by Lukasz Wierzbowski.

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