Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s Effusive Reunion at the Met Gala 2023

It looks like Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have put the past and grudges behind them.

Isabel Cara

Kim Kardashian y Pete Davidson

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson put the past behind them, and it seems that there are no more hard feelings after their breakup. In fact, at the 2022 Met Gala, the ex-couple attended the event together, and a year later, it would be a different story.

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson Reunite at the Met Gala 2023

Every year, the Met Gala was held on the first Monday of May, and this time the theme was Karl Lagerfeld, the German designer considered one of the most influential and controversial in history. It was unknown the current relationship between the comedian and the businesswoman, if they maintained a good friendship or if they had cut all ties after their breakup.

But apparently, there are no negative feelings between them, Kim and Pete festered inside the event, and photos emerged of the ex-couple sharing some laughs alongside Usher. So far, the topic they were talking about is a mystery; however, they both look relaxed and quite comfortable.

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s Breakup

The news that Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson ended their relationship surfaced in August 2022, after being together for nine months. Months after the breakup, a friend of the comedian revealed that it was his children, his age, and Kanye West the reasons why the ex-couple would have come to an end.

“Kim had too much baggage for Pete. She’s 20 years older, has four kids, and is still married to Kaye West, who was always creating problems for them,” she told The Sun. Kim and Pete never clarified the reasons for their breakup, although many of their fans were sure that they looked very happy together.

Story written in Spanish by Kate Nateras in Cultura Colectiva