Mexican Icon Star Xavier López ‘Chabelo’ Dies at 88 Years of Age

Xavier López 'Chabelo' was hospitalized in a hospital in Mexico City, but so far no details of his death have been released.

Isabel Cara

xavier lopez chabelo

The entertainment world is once again in mourning. Actor and comedian Xavier López ‘Chabelo’ died this day at the age of 88. So far, the causes of his death are unknown, but some media report that he was hospitalized in a hospital in Mexico City. His family announced the news through a statement on the actor’s official Twitter account, where they asked to pray for his rest and to let them mourn his loss in peace.

The host marked a whole era in television, since for more than 40 years he accompanied Mexicans every Sunday morning with the program En Familia con Chabelo, in addition to the fact that when he began his career, he participated in multiple films and television programs.

Who Was Xavier López ‘Chabelo’?

Known for decades as ‘Children’s best friend,’ Xavier López ‘Chabelo’ was considered an entertainment icon for both children and adults alike. With his characteristic overalls costume and unique sense of humor, he enchanted generations with his Sunday show.

Xavier López was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1935 but his family moved back to Mexico when he was only 1 year old. When he turned 18 years old, the US Army recruited him but his great passion was always the entertainment world. Back in Mexico, he started studying medicine, but Xavier López would miss classes to visit television studios in the hopes of getting a job. And so, he soon started working as a cameraman and floor manager.

Xavier López ‘Chabelo’ wasn’t made to become a doctor and soon he decided to enroll in school to become an actor. Long story short, his unique style and sassy sense of humor, especially when it came to personifying children, especially his iconic character Chabelo rocketed to the top.

Without a doubt, the entertainment world has lost a legend that accompanied generations of children and adults for decades. Rest in peace ‘Chabelo.’

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