Pastor Imitates Jesus Christ and Tries to Fast for 40 Days; He Passed of Malnutrition

The pastor died on the 25th day of imitating Jesus Christ due to malnutrition and chronic dehydration.

Gabriela Castillo

An evangelical pastor, 39-year-old Francisco Barajah, died after attempting to imitate Jesus Christ in the biblical 40-day fast described in the New Testament. According to information released by the BBC, the events took place in Mozambique, where a religious man passed in a hospital just 25 days after not eating or drinking water while attempting to imitate the biblical fasting that Jesus Christ had allegedly done. Unfortunately, his body did not survive.
For a long time, Barajah had been planning to undertake the fasting, and although some of his family members were not fully in agreement with him, they supported him in his venture. However, after seeing his health decline, they decided to take him to a hospital located in the city of Biera as an emergency.
Francisco barajah especial - pastor imitates jesus christ and tries to fast for 40 days; he passed of malnutrition
Once in the hospital, health experts diagnosed that the pastor had malnutrition, dehydration, and was unable to stand. After a period of examination, the man lost his life because his body could not endure the fast after 25 days.
Barajah’s relatives told local media that the religious man had already gone without food or water for several days before, so he found it easy to try to imitate the 40-day fast of Jesus Christ, as described in the Bible.
One of his brothers claimed that the pastor did not die due to fasting. The man identified as Manuel Barajah stated that his brother died as a result of a low blood pressure condition he had been suffering from for years and that the medical report was incorrect.
Story originally published in Spanish in Cultura Colectiva News.