The 29 most shocking world events that defined 2018

The 29 Most Shocking World Events That Defined 2018

2018 was a hectic and calamitous year. It wasn’t my favorite, for sure, and I know many share this sentiment. But not all was bad: we saw the world unite in celebration with the World Cup, and we saw many empowered women as a result of the American midterm elections. Here’s a brief recap of

The sexual myth about the mexican revolutionary emiliano zapata

The Sexual Myth About The Mexican Revolutionary Emiliano Zapata

Pick the historical character you admire the most for the many changes they accomplished in their country. Now, think about what would have happened if, back in their day, they had come out as queer. Nowadays, this sounds like a stupid question, and the answer would be a simple “who cares, the important thing is

María sabina: the untold stories of the mushroom healer

María Sabina: The Untold Stories Of The Mushroom Healer

“Here lies the body of a Mazatec woman who, due to her wisdom, was admired by friends and strangers.”María Sabina’s headstoneHave you ever wondered why the story of an indigenous woman living a simple life became so popular all over the world? She has turned into a symbol of spirituality. In her native country, people