15 Looks To Perfect The Most Important Millennial Trend

15 Looks To Perfect The Most Important Millennial Trend

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Just as the world has embraced mashups such as mixing a famous couple's names like Brangelina, Bennifer, or Kimye, there are other mixtures in the millennial universe that aren't related to love, but simply try to name and define this unique reality we are living in. We are a generation that focuses on personal experiences and everyday more words are included in the dictionary to capture this fluctuating world we live in. 

Athleisure millennial trend pink jacket-h600

This is how the term athleisure entered our collective dictionary, a fusion of athletic and leisure. These apparently unrelated terms have joined forces to describe a fashion and lifestyle trend that is now defying our way of life. 

Thanks to this fashion hybrid, now we can wear yoga pants to work or to go to a bar and still look trendy. Perhaps Mark Parker's (Nike CEO) statement of leggings being the new denim has come to reality and has become the most relevant fashion trend of our generation. 

Here's the question:hHow to achieve that perfect balance like Rihanna, or the extreme look of Hadid and Jenner, without making a fool of ourselves?


Tidiness is essential. That sporty style from the nineties is not nice anymore.

Athleisure millennial trend white-h600

Go back to the basics and combine them with subtle, formal items.

Athleisure millennial trend dress-h600

Get inspired by British, high street style and balance it with statement pieces.

Athleisure millennial trend blue-h600

Use the color blocking theory and apply it to create visual combinations.

Athleisure millennial trend orange-h600


Once you know what colors and textures work, you'll be able to create office appropriate outfits.

Athleisure millennial trend brown-h600


Combine your clothes with simple colors and cuts that would naturally match.

Athleisure millennial trend yellow-h600


It's not only about wearing sneakers; be creative.

Athleisure millennial trend adidas-h600


There's no gender distinction in this trend.

Athleisure millennial trend pink and blue-h600


Don't be afraid of radical cuts, colors, or combinations.

Athleisure millennial trend pink pants-h600


Find the edgy element in traditional clothes.

Athleisure millennial trend purple-h600


There's not such a thing as too much; don't be influenced by others' opinions. A sweater, sunglasses, golden nails, a designer choker, boxers, and booties weren't a logical match until now.

Athleisure millennial trend supreme-h600


If you don't want to be so risky, you can try pale and neutral colors.

Athleisure millennial trend bicycle-h600


Denim and other accessories can complement your outfit in an amazing way.

Athleisure millennial trend bandana-h600


Athleisure is a perfect combination that mixes an athlete's spirit with everyday fashion and attitudes.

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Under the influence of Alexander Wang and Riccardo Tisci, and inspired by the style of celebrities like Beyoncé or Iggy Azalea, these fashion trends have emerged. What's the new style? No one can know, but in the meantime, this trend is still out there so we can take the most of it.


Translated by María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards