25 powerful quotes that will consume you with emotion

25 Powerful Quotes That Will Consume You With Emotion

We see the ink drying on white vellum and in every twirling vowel and slashing consonant we discover the greatest truths of mankind. When did man say goodbye to his animal nature? It was thousands of years ago by the dying embers of a fire that man picked up the cooling charcoal and with sweeping

15 questions to ask your partner to form a spiritual connection

15 Questions To Ask Your Partner To Form A Spiritual Connection

At the edge of a lake, with calm and crystalline waters, Irene and Roberto find themselves reclined totally naked on a blanket. The moon is reflected in all its splendor across the lake, almost as if it were a ghostly apparition. They had camped out for a week in complete harmony with nature, away from

Heartbreaking illustrations of women blinded by love

Heartbreaking Illustrations Of Women Blinded By Love

“How do I Love Thee” How do I love thee? Let me count the waysI love thee to the depth and breadth and heightMy soul can reach, when feeling out of sight.For the ends of Being and ideal GraceI love thee to the level of everyday’sMost quiet need, by sun and candlelight.I love thee freely,

7 cities you must visit if you are a beer lover

7 Cities You Must Visit If You Are A Beer Lover

You’re sitting down with a couple of friends and the conversation starts flowing. Between the jokes and funny anecdotes, you taste the bitter notes and refreshing bubbles of the drink that now has disappeared from the pint you’re holding. Your favorite beer relaxes you to the point you feel ready to tell your friends last

10 symptoms to know you’re turning into a compulsive talker

10 Symptoms To Know You’re Turning Into A Compulsive Talker

Suddenly, out of nowhere, and without even starting a conversation they open their mouths. You wish their voice would go on mute or just disappear. But it doesn’t. Instead their words are louder than ever as they drill into your head. They seem to fill the space, making the air heavy and tight. Things like

Tarot cards to inspire your next tattoo and fill your life with magic

Tarot Cards To Inspire Your Next Tattoo And Fill Your Life With Magic

Even if you don’t know how to read them, Tarot Cards will always find a way to speak to you. That’s why these cards have been and still are subject of philosophical, sociological, psychological, pictorial, or photographic analysis. Of course there are some people out there who believe that Tarot cards can foretell your destiny,

7 tattoo symbols that show you are a free soul

7 Tattoo Symbols That Show You Are A Free Soul

We all carry a heavy burden in life, a testament to our strength as human beings, a proof of our capability to forge on, relentlessly, with no stopping. We carry precious tokens filled with meaning. For instance, we may go to an interview wearing a shirt that was given to you for good luck, or

Photographs that will satisfy your need for perfection

Photographs That Will Satisfy Your Need For Perfection

Adam Voorhes If I had a coin for every time people say “‘You’re so OCD,” I would probably arrange them by size, color, and denomination, not before washing them and disinfecting them. Well jokes aside, it would appear that today people are quick to claim they have OCD, simply because they are soothed by perfection

5 things that all women should do after having sex

5 Things That All Women Should Do After Having Sex

Many of the female reproductive system diagrams are boring and sometimes far from accurate. For many, these V-shaped representations of genitalia are the first contact they have with their bodies. Many haven’t experimented nor explored the pleasures of their anatomy and still believe in what these Sex-Ed charts. Many of these anatomical maps tend to

The 15-day challenge to become a stylish woman

The 15-Day Challenge To Become A Stylish Woman

Defying fashion can bring negative consequences into your life. And no, we’re not talking about the legendary Joan Rivers and her slew of acolytes who set the rules of contemporary fashion. We’re talking about the real fashion police, the ones who intend to dictate what you should wear in esthetic, social, and even political terms.