The Fully-Funded Journalism Program In Canada That Can Lead To Your Future Career

Travel The Fully-Funded Journalism Program In Canada That Can Lead To Your Future Career

If you have journalistic aspirations and feel like traveling is the best form of experience, there’s an opportunity that could change your life.

The Munk School of Global Affairs gives journalism students and working professionals a chance to acquire the necessary skill set to be a global correspondent through a fellowship program. The purpose of this is to create a new generation of journalists who are able to interpret situations occurring across the planet in order to present them to the public. In other words, these will be journalists who will not only inform but also want to create social change through news.

The program will select twenty candidates to receive mentoring from industry professionals. They will also attend, talks, courses, and conferences, all this while working for several mediums on a freelance basis. The fellowship will start on September 2017 with a five-week intensive in Toronto. This boot camp will teach the students vital information such as how to find exclusive stories, how to narrate facts accurately, and how to increase viewership.

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The fellows will then move to other locations to continue their preparation. On October they will be working and participating in seminars. Seasoned correspondents and editors will be mentoring and following their progress.

The fellowship comes to a close on April 2018. By then, the fellows will have acquired the necessary tools to develop as high standard journalists in any part of the world.

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Journalists are required to be knowledgeable in cultures, people, and situations. This is obtained through travel, research, and meeting different people related to an occurrence. They are experts in everyday life, as well as the reasons that led to something happening. Going out into the world, away from the comforting bubble of what we know, is imperative to understand different communities and expand creative horizons.

These kinds of programs can offer their candidates a myriad of opportunities including: the ability to meet with world renowned experts, discover new work environments and perspectives by meeting new people, learn or practice foreign languages, acquire new stories, have a more holistic approach to news, and practice their skills in a different landscape.

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So are you ready to live an experience in a foreign country where you can evolve and learn a new kind of experience? You might be interested in applying to this program and expanding your vision.

You can find more information on The Munk School of Global Affairs.

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Translated by María Suárez