The Little-Known Movie Where Pedro Pascal Showed His Impressive Latino Dance Moves

Pedro Pascal not only knows how to act. He is also an excellent dancer! And the proof is a scene from a movie that few people got to see.

Gabriela Castillo

You can take Pedro Pascal out of Latin America, but you can’t take the Latin flavor out of Pedro Pascal, and the actor showed it with the dance he did for a scene in the movie ‘The Bubble.’

Pedro Pascal Shows His Latin Flavor

Pedro Pascal’s talent is not limited to acting, and it was already clear to many of us when we saw him struggle in the role of Oberyn Martell in Game of Thrones.

Pedro pascal - the little-known movie where pedro pascal showed his impressive latino dance moves

But, as it turns out, the celebrity is also a very good dancer, and he proved it in a scene from the movie The Bubble, where he let himself be carried away by the Latin flavor in his blood as he showed off his steps to the beat of “Boss Bitch” by Doja Cat.

In this scene, Pedro Pascal is more of an extra than a lead dancer. But the world couldn’t take their eyes off him once they realized he was pulling off some moves, and that’s because: when else have we been able to see the new ‘Daddy’ of Hollywood dancing?

On social media, the star of The Last of Us became a viral sensation because of this clip, which was released last year, although very few have had the opportunity to watch it.


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What is The Bubble About?

In the production, directed by Judd Apatow, Pascal plays Dieter Bravo, a veteran actor who joins the filming of the movie that brings all the characters together, Cliff Beasts 6, where he will play a tragic villain while dealing with problems of addiction to sex and hard drugs.

This comedy, which is available on Netflix, follows a failed actress, Carol Cobb, in her attempt to regain the success she lost after leaving the fifth installment of the franchise she has starred in for years, playing the role of Dr. Lacey Nightingale, for a job that got her bad reviews.

Pascal - the little-known movie where pedro pascal showed his impressive latino dance moves

When the opportunity arises for her to resume her role in a new installment of the saga, the actress, played by Karen Gillan, is afraid to accept because she feels that her colleagues hold a grudge against her for turning her back on them for another professional opportunity; however, she ends up accepting and meets with the cast in a hotel where the filming would take place.

However, things do not end well for any cast member in the end, as due to the lockdown from the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone is trapped inside the hotel, with the task of completing the work… or die trying.

Story originally written in Spanish by Alejandro Vizzuet in Cultura Colectiva.