The First Transgender Ken Could Be out Soon; It’s Going to Be a ‘Great Example’ for Kids

We love Ken giving a voice to the LGBTQ+ community.

Isabel Cara


Inclusion has arrived in toys: they have created the first trans-Ken for children to normalize the different sexual preferences of people and correct discrimination and traditional rules. The Ken doll is one of the most important characters in Barbie’s universe; the doll is a fashion lover, but like her, he also enters any profession, but without losing his style.

The New Trans-Ken

This couple is characterized by having different versions and, through social networks, it was viralized some of Ken quite authentic that we had not seen before, where we can see the doll include different identities from gay, queer, and now transgender.

It was the account Beauty Studio that viralized these new versions of Ken, characterizing the dolls in different sexual groups to give diversity to a character “structured” as masculine. So far, the brand has not commented on Ken’s changes; however, some users expressed their support for this type of detail in toys, as they claim that this promotes the visibility of the LGBTQ+ community and helps all children to feel identified.

Obviously, there was no shortage of negative comments rejecting the idea of their children having toys that break with the traditional gender norms; they have expressed their annoyance at normalizing something “unnatural” and, above all, teaching it to children.

In the presentation video, we can see several hacks to transform Ken, some of the dolls have added eyelashes, lip gloss, long hair, and even a butt augmentation.

Ken LGBTQ+ is a metaphor for liberty, remember Barbie’s motto: “You Can Be Anything,” and Ken is doing it, just as we all should.

Story written in Spanish by Kate Nateras in Cultura Colectiva