Letter To The Jerk In My life: Thank You For Teaching Me What I Don't Want In Love

Letter To The Jerk In My life: Thank You For Teaching Me What I Don't Want In Love

By: Gabilú Mireles -

Sometimes we become so fond of a false love that it clouds our vision. It blinds us so much that we lose sight of the incredible person, full of love and beauty that we are. When everything ends and our hearts are broken, it is our sole responsibility to salvage the best of what's left from the damage and use it to transform ourselves and to start seeing ourselves as we really are: complete beings, valuable and capable of deciding what we really want in life.


To you, false love of my life, thank you.

Three years of crying, begging for kisses and embraces; three years of waiting for you to love me like I loved you.

You warned me from the first day, "I'm a jerk," you told me. My low self-esteem stunned and emboldened me —that I would not fall in love, deceiving myself into thinking I could change you.

You taught me that love is not worth the effort.

Those who do not give themselves from the start will never do it.

A jerk does not change. Lesson learned. Thank you.

Thank you for the opportunity to love, to love down to the bone, to surrender without dignity, without ego.

Now I know what I am capable of giving. But next time, I will give it to whomever will embrace it with desire and respect. This person will take my love for all that it is.


You taught me to share, and in tears I learned that I prefer to be selfish when it comes to my love.

I thought it was not enough to fall in love with a person 100 percent, and that all the little holes had to be filled. But no, I'm enough to be desired, as me. They want me just as I do, as I am capable of it.

Resistance to pain, that I also exercised. My first scar, like one more stripe for the tiger.

Ah, and you made me who I am, and you made me more confident. Don't get confused, you didn't do anything to me. I was already resistant to jerks; you helped me prove myself, that was all. But I was already cool from the beginning.


Thank you for teaching me what I do not want in the love of my life. Lesson learned.

Eternally, thank you.


Beauty is in your character. It is about your knowledge, your sense of humor; about how you face every day and how you get along with yourself.


Gabilú Mireles, author of this letter, is a Mexican blogger who loves fashion and lifestyle. If you want to know more about her, we invite you to follow her on Instagram and visit her blog.


Translated by Joseph Reiter