5 Unique Tattoo Ideas For Design And Architecture Lovers

Bridges and cathedrals are landmarks to admire but they also look great as tattoos.

There is no room for mistakes in an architect's design. The precision of their work has built our surroundings. From bridges and tall skyscrapers; to old cathedrals, historic monuments, and ancient pyramids. The most famous architectural landmarks of the world can amaze anybody and can even inspire design lovers to place them on their skin. If historical constructions and architectural landmarks are your passion, these tattoo ideas might motivate you to get your very own.

Geometrical Designs

Every idea starts with a draft or a simple sketch. Designers assign room spaces with simple rectangles and angles. There are also optical illusions that have different shapes to play with, such as the mosaics. They go perfect on arms and shoulders.


I love these designs because they hold a historical and cultural background behind them. My favorite designs are definitely the European looking ones because their gothic style can be well captured in black ink. Whether you decide on getting one based on the landmarks you admire or an icon from your hometown, there are no wrong decisions when it comes to which one of these ideas is the best one for you. I would suggest choosing a large area of the body to place the design.


Nothing screams city pride more than a bridge tattoo. These huge infrastructures hold a patriotic meaning and no matter where you go, people will always recognize them. The most popular ones that have inspired designs are The Golden Gate Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge, Sydney Harbour bridge, and others. I would place them on an arm or even a thigh.



Ancient pyramids are still an architectural mystery to experts. During times where no concrete, metals, and machinery were available, these landmarks are still intriguing archaeologists due to their origins. These designs as tattoos are very flexible, can be small or large, and be placed anywhere you want.



If it wasn’t for flags, monuments would be the symbols of countries. Their historical background makes them more than just a tourist attraction. These structures took years to build and are symbols of patriotism and social ideologies. Getting a monument tattooed on your body not only tells people you hold that place dear, but that you also pay a respect to the architectural design. These designs would go well on any size, whether it's as a silhouette or a detailed sculpture.



As mentioned before, you don’t have to be an architect, engineer, or archaeologist, on order to get one of these designs as your next tattoo. They are a symbol of where we come from: therefore, getting one would be as normal as getting an icon from your hometown or country.

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