Simple Tattoo Designs To Carry Your Favorite Flower On Your Skin

small flower tattoos

Are you looking for a classy and beautiful tattoo with a deep meaning? You should definitely consider getting one of these simple flower tattoos.

I have seven tattoos of all styles, motifs, and sizes that I love dearly. Some are a part of my life that represent important events in it. But there are two whose design I loved, and although they don’t really mean anything in my personal context, they hold deep and cultural meanings that I can really relate to. Actually, these two tattoos are my smallest, and to be honest, my favorite ones, talking from a visual perspective, and you guessed right, they are flowers. 

small flower tattoos 1

small flower tattoos 2

small flower tattoos 3

Flower tattoos are probably the most popular and common ones in history, and the reason is that they have always (with some changes according to each culture) represented beauty and life. It’s quite easy to see why. Their vivid colors, their freshness, their intricate patterns, are just a few of the features that flowers have that captivate us.

small flower tattoos 4

small flower tattoos 5

small flower tattoos 6

Each flower has a different deep meaning that has made them symbols people have admired for ages, and in today’s world, tattoos have become the favorite way to honor these ingrained meanings. You can go for the classic red rose that represents love and passion; sunflowers that symbolize happiness and creation; tulips, for prosperity; peonies, for elegance and wealth; chrysanthemums, for perfection; and the list could go on and on forever.

small flower tattoos 7

small flower tattoos 8

small flower tattoos 9

Now, going back to the title a bit, and what I was talking about earlier, the most common tattoos of flowers are those intricate and highly detailed ones filled with vibrant colors, but not everybody is into those really showy designs, and I get that. For me, when it comes to flowers, I really like embracing their delicate lines and softness, and the best tattoos that can really portray all that tender greatness, in my opinion, are the simple and discrete ones. I mean, not that big tats aren’t cool; I have a really big one, but there’s something romantic and poetic about simplicity that for me matches greatly with the meaning and looks of flowers.

small flower tattoos 10

small flower tattoos 11

small flower tattoos 12

Simple tattoos can mean different things, from size, style, detail, to colors. The trick is choosing only two of these characteristics, and not to overdo it or make it extremely detailed and huge. For me, the most alluring and beautiful flower tattoos are those that make use of vibrant colors and use only a tiny amount of black to highlight certain parts. They look like a gorgeous, delicate stamp on your skin. There are many options you can go for.

small flower tattoos 13

small flower tattoos 14

small flower tattoos 15

If you’re not that into colors, you can go for a minimalist all-black flower with thin lines. Watercolors are also a great idea to embrace the delicate nature of petals. Or, you can simply focus on the size of your tattoo by getting a mini flower on one of the many fashionable spots, like behind the ear, a finger, your heel, collarbone, or even your ribs. What’s great about flower tattoos is that they can merge perfectly with your natural lines and curves, which won’t only give you a more contoured look, but will also bestow some movement to your tattoo.

small flower tattoos 16

small flower tattoos 17

small flower tattoos 18

As you can see, there are tons of options for you to choose, especially if you’re not into very detailed and massive tattoos, and prefer more classy and sophisticated ones. Apart from that, as I mentioned before, what’s great about these symbols is that there are enough types for every personality or meaning a person is looking for in a tattoo.


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