The Day Miley Cyrus Said Goodbye to Hannah Montana to Find Her Own Identity

It was the end of an era, but also the beginning of Miley Cyrus’ life.

Isabel Cara

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When Miley Cyrus said goodbye to Hannah Montana, it was the end of an era but also the beginning of her own life; although the illusion of many teenagers ended along with the series, the singer was about to live her dream and discover her identity outside Disney.

Miley Cyrus went through a series of important events in her life, and many of these no longer fit Hannah’s; realizing this, she decided to drop the wig and start a new life, a real one. Something that makes us not only thank her for being Hannah Montana, but also for being who she is now.

The Day Miley Cyrus Realized She No Longer Wanted to Be Hannah Montana

Every beginning has an end, even if that means there may be pain and many doubts along the way, as Miley Cyrus experienced when she realized that her time had come to stop being Hannah Montana, as she revealed in 2019 in an interview for Elle.

The singer realized that she had to close that cycle at the moment she had sex for the first time because there she accepted that she had grown up and much more from the series, and who she would be later, probably, would not represent the character that many children and teenagers continued to admire. “It felt ridiculous. I was like, ‘I can’t put the damn wig back on.’ It got weird. I felt like… I grew up,” the American singer revealed.

Miley cyrus as hannah montana

Likewise, Miley expressed feeling like a “Disney mascot” instead of a person; although she always made it clear that she was proud of the work she did on the series and within the company, especially for so much love and admiration she gained at that stage of her career. “It’s cool when you hear that Cardi B was listening to Hannah Montana when she was in high school. That shit makes me happy,” she expressed.

Miley Cyrus currently believes she has earned the respect of the music industry thanks to her work outside of Hannah Montana, although like most, she went a long way to discover her identity, especially after letting go of a part of her life that defined her career for a long time.

“The fires forced me out of my comfort zone, to find a new place to call home, to say, ‘Listen, I’ve collected all this shit, all these years, but that doesn’t make me who I am.’ That doesn’t matter to me,’” Miley Cyrus said.

That wasn’t the first time Miley talked about how it felt to have a life behind Hannah Montana; in an interview with CBS This Morning, she assured that it was hard to balance her real life with Hannah’s fictional life, even at the time it affected her mental health.

Currently, Miley Cyrus has gained great recognition in her career and has worked hard to achieve it. There is nothing that defines her more than the way she puts her heart into each of her songs and how she manages to capture her feelings through them.

We miss Hannah Montana, sure! But we also love the honest version that Miley is now.

Story written in Spanish by Kate Nateras in Cultura Colectiva