Easy Ways To Pull Off Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman Vibes

Ariana Grande has become one of the greatest icons for younger generations. It’s impossible not to be impressed when you see her performing. A beautiful young woman walking through the stage waiting for her cue to start singing. The first time I saw her, I was expecting a sweet and melodious classic pop singer, but her powerful voice really surprised me. That’s the essence of her whole image, a combination of the young girly woman with a mysterious secret. She might look innocent, but behind those cute headbands and big eyes, there’s a dangerous woman waiting to attack. She’s not weak or helpless as her adorable dresses and schoolgirl hairstyle might suggest. She’s strong and playful, and more importantly, her secret weapon, her voice, has enticed her audience. If you want to see how you can embrace her dual personality, we’ve decoded her own style for you.

Iconic hairstyle

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This is her signature look, a high ponytail with her long straight hair. It’s become so iconic that there are even some lame theories explaining why she wears it like that, but let’s not focus on that. Ariana Grande’s hairstyle has slightly changed, as she has appeared with two ponytails or even a half updo, but she’s always kept that ponytail vibe.

Cute headbands

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If we were to describe Ariana Grande’s style it would be a mixture between the innocent girly essence mixed with sexy attires. In that way one of the accessories she’s been rocking on her Instagram are her cute cat headbands, which have been widely popularized. These will definitely add a cute girly essence to your outfits.

Long lashes and simple makeup

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In the past years, makeup has become such an important accessory. We’re living in a golden era of the makeup industry. Hers is not as dramatic as that of many other celebrities nowadays. On the contrary, following the nature of her style, she wears very simple makeup, some blush, a subtle lip color and a hint of eyeshadow. However, the key element to her makeup are definitely her long, thick, black lashes. If you really want to embrace her look, falsies are a key element.

Skater skirts

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A characteristic piece of her earlier outfits were short skater skirts of all colors. This popular piece is so versatile that you can create many looks with it. The natural fluidity of the cut has a cute style that, mixed with long boots or a crop top, can create that mixed girly/sexy appearance.

Babydoll dress

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Babydoll dresses work in the same way as skirts. In most of Ariana Grande’s looks, she prioritizes her legs. Most of her outfits are designed to show this particular part of her body. Skirts, shorts, or dresses show her long legs, making them also an important aspect to bear in mind when recreating her looks.

Oversized sweatshirts and sweaters

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Lately, she’s been pulling out a new trend: the oversized sweatshirts, sweaters, and jackets. We’ve seen how many celebrities and fashion icons have been embracing the athleisure trend in the past months, and Ariana Grande is no exception. Still, she’s managed to keep the high fashion tone of her outfits with her makeup and hairstyle, making of this trend another signature look. To keep that sexy essence, she’s been spotted wearing these pieces as if they were dresses.


Crop tops and bralettes

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Although crop tops and bralettes are trendy pieces we see everywhere, since her beginnings as a singer she made them a signature piece. In many of her most memorable outfits, she sometimes left her short pieces and changed them for loose high-waist pants, but combined with the tops she kept her classic style.

High heels

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Finally, shoes add that extra touch to Ariana Grande’s look. For some time, she would wear long black boots with heels that, combined with her skirts and dresses, help bring that dangerous sexy vibe to her looks. However, if she’s not wearing these iconic boots, she adds elegance to her outfits with pumps or platform shoes. 


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