The 15 Engagement Rings with Which David Beckham Has Pledged His Eternal Love For Victoria

David Beckham is a very traditional man and has given Victoria 15 engagement rings to pledge his loyal love!

Isabel Cara

Victoria Beckham y los 15 anillos de compromiso con los que David Beckham le ha jurado amor eterno

Victoria and David Beckham have become one of the most famous, beloved, and stable couples in show business over the years, with 23 years of marriage and four children between Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper Seven.

It was on July 4, 1999, when they said “yes” in one of the most famous weddings that brought together the show business and music worlds, where Victoria came from, with David’s soccer world. Last year, the couple celebrated their 23rd anniversary; a marriage between highs and lows but with various memories that even place them as the other British royalty.

This is the story of the rings with which they have promised to be together forever and symbolize their love at different stages of their lives comes into the conversation. Victoria Beckham not only has one engagement ring, but she has 15! And they have all been given to her by the same man she started dating in 1997, David Beckham, the father of her four children.

Victoria Beckham’s 15 Engagement Rings

Victoria and David Beckham are no longer just about an engagement or promise; it goes beyond that, as each of their rings symbolizes an important moment in their relationship, life, and family. Let’s take a look at each one of them.

1. The Engagement Ring

This is the ring with which David Beckham proposed to her in 1998. It was a diamond ring on a yellow band, according to several media, that jewel was valued at 85 thousand dollars, at that time.

2. The Eternity Ring

By 2002, Victoria Beckham stopped wearing her “engagement ring” to start wearing her “eternity ring,” a ring that stood out for having identical stones in a continuous line, set in platinum with white diamonds.

3. The Matching Ring

A year later, the designer started wearing an emerald-cut ring whose design consisted of baguette-cut diamonds on the sides, on a platinum band, very similar to her husband’s.

4. The Birthday Ring

In 2004, David Beckham gave his wife a ring to celebrate her 30th birthday, which was characterized by a delicate design with a round champagne pink diamond in a halo band.

5. The 17-Carat Ring

Probably in 2005, Victoria Beckham wore one of her most gigantic rings, because although its design was simple and elegant with a huge pear-cut diamond, it had 17 carats on her finger.

6. The Other Yellow Ring

It was similar to their engagement ring; however, the design of this ring consisted of a yellow emerald-cut diamond set in a yellow gold pavé band that dazzled with its color.

7. Liz Taylor’s Ring

Some assume that Victoria Beckham is aspiring to have the same jewelry box as the iconic Liz Taylor. The truth is that in 2007, she wore a cushion-cut emerald ring on a spiral of diamonds that resembled a jewel of the actress.

8. The Square Cut

A year later, Victoria Beckham wore a stunning diamond set on a ring of small white diamonds, which stole the show during New York Fashion Week that year.

9. The Most Romantic Ring

In 2009, the designer had already included one more jewel in her collection; this time, it was an oval ruby mounted on a set of white diamonds.

10. The Missing Sapphire

In 2010, Victoria Beckham wore what is probably the most recognized jewel in the UK, after royalty: a ring with a sapphire encrusted in a silver pavé band.

11. The Platinum Ring

Five years later, since the sapphire, Victoria Beckham could not miss a special jewel, a spectacular ring with a round-cut diamond, decorated with several round diamonds on the sides, set in a platinum band.

12. The Moonstone Ring

In the same 2015, the former Spice Girl was spotted wearing a moonstone ring, set on a platinum band encrusted with diamonds.

13. The Red Carpet Ring

The designer wore in 2016, a square ring on a platinum pavé band, with which she attended Cannes and has also been seen at other public events.

14. Good Luck Yellow

In 2018, Victoria Beckham again wore a new ring in yellow, this time with a square shape, a reinterpretation of her engagement ring.

15. The Most Discreet Ring

In recent years, the designer has worn one of the most discreet and casual jewelry in her jewelry box, possibly one of the most in keeping with her closet.

The rings that Victoria Beckham has worn over the past 24 years are a collection of rings that are directly related to her love story with David Beckham.

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