Bad Bunny Explains Why He Refuses to Sing in English

Bad Bunny refuses to sing in English because he believes that this is not the path to fame, and because he wants to stay faithful to his roots.

Isabel Cara

Bad Bunny Explains Why He Refuses to Sing in English

Bad Bunny refuses to sing in English, regardless of the size of his fame worldwide, as he intends to always be faithful to his roots through his native language. The singer is nowadays considered one of the best artists in the world and has obtained recognitions never-before-seen, which has led him to have the respect of the industry, putting all of Latin America on a high level, directing the urban genre to another standard, and defending his style tooth and nail.

Benito, his real name, has known how to position himself on the popularity charts through his music, show, and language, above all, without betraying his native Puerto Rico. Therefore, he discards the idea of singing in English, as he intends to use his mother language in the continuation of the work of his musical career, and Latin people could not be more proud of him.

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Bad Bunny Pretends Not to Sing in English

In an interview with the newspaper El País, Bad Bunny made it very clear that he discards the idea of singing in English since he believes that musicians should distance themselves from the parameters established by the North American music industry.

By doing so, Benito maintains a very important rule, which is to continue advancing in his career through his native language, since he believes that many artists have chosen to sing in English to “improve themselves;” however, he does not believe that it should be his own way.

“Maybe it was necessary, and they opened doors to this Latino boom, but that moment, for me, is over. I am very proud to reach the level in which we are speaking Spanish, and not only in Spanish, but in the Spanish that we speak in Puerto Rico. Without changing the accent. You have to break that thing about the gringos being gods. No, papi,” Bad Bunny expressed.

Likewise, this singer considers that Reggaeton, being part of the history of Puerto Rico, should always be sung in Spanish, even though Reggaeton and Trap are derivatives of American Hip-Hop.

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“Reggaeton is a genre that comes from the street, from the underground, from poor people who had no options. Sometimes (from people who were) even criminals, but I don’t mean that in a derogatory way. People who got out of jail and in the end saw a light in that genre of Reggaeton. Many were able to abandon that lifestyle and buy a house and a car. I think that’s where that rejection comes from. It doesn’t bother me, let them say what they want, there is a whole world dancing to the songs, enjoying life without prejudice,” he continued.

Although the reggaeton singer has collaborations with artists who sing in English, he intends to always maintain his language, regardless of criticism, as in the song “One Day,” in which he collaborated with Dua Lipa. Bad Bunny is very involved in the political agenda of Puerto Rico, and that is because, along with his music and language, his participation is extremely active in current social movements, specifically in Latin America. This singer has remained faithful and firm to his ideals, especially his roots, to raise them in an important industry like music, representing the idea that dreams in those lands can become true.

Story originally published in Spanish in Cultura Colectiva