Frank Ocean Sabotaged His Coachella Show Because He Got Tired of Fame

Frank Ocean disappointed many, but the reason could be a whole plan.

Isabel Cara

Frank Ocean caused huge disappointment in many of his fans after his performance at Coachella, especially because the musician had been away from the stage for more than six years. Many of his music lovers waited anxiously for him all this time, even those who could not attend the festival. But unfortunately, nothing was as expected, and many witnesses called it “the worst performance ever.”

The Theory That Claims Frank Ocean Sabotaged Himself on Purpose

Through social networks, the theory went viral that it was Frank Ocean himself who sabotaged his show to intentionally disappoint his audience. The theory states that because the musician never wanted to be a superstar, he ruined his own Coachella show so that his fans would be disappointed in him and stop following him, especially pushing him to release new music.

Frank ocean coachella

According to a statement from Festive Owl, the stage production contained an ice rink that was ready to go; however, Frank decided at the last minute that he no longer wanted it at all. All the people walking around the musician were actually ice skaters who had been practicing for weeks, but there was a change of plans.

The festival had to deconstruct the show that had already been approved months ago and melt the ice rink, the reason why the musician was an hour late. The changes occurred when the festival gates were already open and many fans were already looking for a place to see Frank Ocean up close.

If the festival had not accepted the changes, the musician would not have performed at all and would have left the event without a closer. Also, Frank Ocean decided that his performance would not be broadcast live at the last minute, causing many fans to explode against him. “It just didn’t seem like he wanted to be there, but he was forced to be,” a source inside the festival reportedly revealed.

So far, Frank Ocean has not spoken about it; however, he canceled his presentation on the second weekend of Coachella. The musician’s behavior shocked all his fans, as many saw this behavior as arrogant and self-centered. But now that this theory has been exposed, the opinion of many could change.

Story written in Spanish by Kate Nateras in Cultura Colectiva