Sentinel Island, home of the most isolated tribe in the world

The idea of the modern world permeates almost every region of the planet, yet some places are still isolated from modernity. North Sentinel Island is a small island of only about 60 square kilometers, but it is home to the most isolated tribe in the world that has made it clear on more than one

10 Road Trip Destinations To Flee From The Crowds During Spring Break

If you’re not going to Cancun or other Mexican beaches, there’s still plenty of options right at home. There are your typical spring break American coastal or your on-a-budget locations, and then there are your road-trip destinations. If what you’re looking for is a more off-the-beaten-track kind of vacation, here are 10 road trip destinations

Ikea is renting this fully furnished apartment in Japan for only 1 dollar

Imagine living in an apartment that looks just like an Ikea showroom: stylish, comfortable, and practical. Well, the Swedish furniture house is about to fulfill your dreams: it is leasing a tiny apartment in one of Japan’s exclusive neighborhoods and for less than 1 dollar per month! Ikea Japan is leasing a tiny apartment in

The electrifying Sea of Stars of the Maldives Summer travelers can witness

The Sea of Stars is one of the most extraordinary rarities to visit in the Maldives, where nature has unique ways of astounding us through all the senses. From the melodious soundscapes of the forests to the seas covered by tens of thousands of glittering sparkles, each natural site has its own charm. But when