6 All-Black Outfits That Will Make You Feel You've Joined The Chic Coven



In the past years, TV series like Sabrina the Teenage Witch and  American Horror Story: Coven revamped the image of the modern witch in ways that is far more relatable to our way of life. While today we may laugh at old videos from Bewitched and that adorable nose twitch, for centuries witches were demonised and thrust into bonfires. For today let's forget about the boring black dresses and hideous tights, instead we want to look for those all-black outfits that speak of power and confidence. A witch doesn't cackle and a coven isn't a group of women surrounding a cauldron murmuring dark spells. Instead, a coven is a group of women who share and defend their beliefs. In the past, covens and witches were vilified not just because of their ties with the devil, but for the simple fact that they were powerful. There was nothing more terrifying or threatening than a powerful woman. This continues to ring true to a certain extent in our society, which is why we want to remind you of that power you carry within. 
Let's chuck away the silly halloween stereotypes and dare to explore this all-black fashion in a chic and trendy way with these 6 looks. Are you read to embody the empowerment of  a modern witch?


No color shouts confidence more than black (yes, we know black is not a color but the absence of light, but let's pretend it is for a moment). According to a study on color perception, people associate colors with certain adjectives, and it turns out that black conveys confidence and intelligence.  One great way to play with all-black outfits is selecting a statement piece that stands out.



People who wear black are viewed as trustworthy, not only because they are perceived as confident, but mainly because they're often seen as serious people. If you want to bewitch those that surround you, go for the iconic LBD. 



One great thing about embracing the all-black trend is that it's a color that's flattering for every type of skin and body shape. Lace is a fabric that expresses femininity, and when it is black, it adds a vibe of mysticism and magic to your outfit. Wear kimonos or transparent lace skirts to give your look that chic coven aura. 



Leather speaks of rebellion and empowerment. Combine it with other textures or other staple pieces and you'll not only exude power but help you feel more confident as well. People tend to think that this all-black is for people with limited imagination, they couldn't be more wrong! It requires an eye for textures and fabrics, and you nail it down you'll feel empowered every step of the way. 



Who says simplicity is bad? You can look chic and classy with simple items that will also give you an intellectual and artsy vibe. Black jeans or pants, worn with blouses or cotton shirts, can be great if you want to go for a subtle, low key look. 



In the survey previously mentioned, it's said that the most used color at important events is black given all the adjectives it is associated with. It is perfect for any situation, from a date to a job interview. So don't be afraid, go ahead and experiment!


Fashion is more than just following trends. You style talks about your personality and what you want to show about yourself. Wearing all-black outfits is a great way to show your strength, power, femininity, and confidence. After all, who said we need bright colors to stand out?


If you're interested in knowing more about how black talks about ourselves, check Why Do Insecure Women Choose To Only Wear Black?


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