Amber Heard copying Johnny Depp’s style during court hearings might be a very bold move

Coincidence? Users can’t stop thinking about how Amber Heard keeps copying Johnny Depp’s style

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are currently facing one of the most important and controversial trials in Hollywood, which has nothing to do with films, but it gets closer to a soap opera: the libel trial that began last April 11 in a Virginia court.

After several controversial statements about that marriage that became a martyrdom, most of them against the actress who gives life to Mera from ‘Aquaman’, a new mystery has emerged and Internet users cannot stop thinking about it: Amber’s style has been shifting to a one very similar to that of Johnny Depp.


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The evidence refers to the early days of the trial in 2022. On the day the people involved chose the jury, Johnny Depp wore a gray suit with a black turtleneck shirt, the other day, the actress wore a very similar look. Casualty or coincidence?


While it can be interpreted as a simple coincidence, the actress kept doing it as days went by. On the first day of trial, the actor beloved for his role as Jack Sparrow wore a black jacket that he combined with a light tie; the next day, the actress opted for a dark blazer with a white shirt, the significant thing was the bee pin he used on his tie.


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For the second day of the trial, Johnny Depp opted for a totally black look, and what happened? Amber Heard wore the same the other day.


Johnny Depp’s bee pin

Johnny Depp has worn for several years a bee pin as part of his personal style, and he does it because it symbolizes work, abundance, and good vibes, as he himself has told many outlets.

Curiously, Amber Heard wanted to wear such a pin during the second day of Virginia’s trial, for some special reason? According to some psychology experts, this has to do with more than just fashion, it is a psychological issue.


Why does Amber Heard dress like Johnny Depp?

Clothes directly influence our feelings and actions, which in turn has to do with non-verbal communication. And in the face of this, psychological studies also arise such as “vested cognition”, which in a nutshell is when clothes and accessories do not have only a functional purpose but can have the power to influence mood, attitude, and way of thinking, according to Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

What would that mean in the case of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp? According to some experts, the actress through her clothes would be trying to send signals to her ex-husband to have mercy on her in court.


By using the same colors or even similar clothes, Amber Heard is trying to get Johnny Depp on her side and identify at a certain point with her. Added to that, she is always looking for his gaze, while he ignores her to avoid any contact with his former wife.

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