4 Ways To Wear Bodycon Dresses No Matter Your Body Type

Don't miss out on the fun of wearing these bodycon dresses, just find one that brings out all your best features.

I always say we should create our own style bearing in mind our body type instead of just blindly following trends. Nowadays there’s a huge movement that encourages women to wear whatever they feel like wearing, and I personally think that’s awesome. I still remember the days when you could only wear a crop top if you were extremely thin, but that time is gone. There are now amazing pieces and ways to wear them, regardless of your body type, and for me that’s priceless. Indeed, wearing an outfit is also a matter of confidence, because as long as you feel great and beautiful, you'll reflect that on the outside. Now, don’t hate me, but I do think that regardless of the confidence (which is key in fashion), being aware of our dimensions and our body type is essential to wear whatever we want. Although you're wearing the most fashionable pieces, if you don't know what works with you and what highlights your best features, these trendy pieces won't look flattering on you.

Now, what's a bodycon? The term is the contraction of "body" and "conscious," and it's used to refer to pieces that perfectly fit our body, like a glove, some would say. There are dresses, skirts, blouses, pants, jumpsuits, basically every single piece. There are lots of versions regarding the origins of the term and of this type of clothes. Although the bodycon dress is officially credited to Herve Leger in the nineties, the idea of a tight garment can be traced back decades ago, with women in the 1910s following this trend.


Leaving history aside, what interests me the most is actually the term. If you think about it, not so long ago, these clothes were thought to be only flattering on skinny and slightly curvy women, and nowadays many still don’t dare to wear them because we think that their tightness will only highlight our flaws. However, the term invites you to show your body and be aware of it. We could even cheat a little and say it's mostly based on self-confidence. But if you love these pieces, bear in mind that you must know what works best with your body type to wear them and look great. So, here are the bodycons that look best on the most common body shapes.


In this body type, mass is accumulated on the upper area, so it refers to bodies with medium to big breasts, broad shoulders, and generally not a well-defined waistline. From the hips to the legs everything is narrower compared to the upper part of the body. Now, you’d want to highlight the length of the legs but also the shoulders to balance your body. So, the best bodycons for apple shapes are those that accentuate the shoulder region with details like some loose fabric on the area or even with patterns. Also to bring attention to the legs, choose a short dress that shows them off. Finally, in order to conceal the mid-section, it’s advisable to find a dress that doesn’t pay too much attention to that part. So, avoid the faux belts or another sort of decoration on that part.



Contrary to the apple shape, here the widest part is the hip area. This can create the illusion of you being shorter than you actually are, so the trick is to use a dress that elongates your figure by concealing the width of the hips. Also, to bring some balance you must focus on highlighting the upper part of your body. You can do it with pieces with bare shoulders or details on them, with dresses whose patterns are concentrated on the upper part, or even just by adding a kimono or nice jacket on top.


Also called banana shape, what happens with this body type is that the shoulders and hips maintain basically the same width. So, you must give some dimension to your body and curves to accentuate the hips. You can also find a dress that highlights the shoulders and hips, but you must do it in a balanced way, since adding volume to all these parts will only emphasize your original body shape. Focus on the waist to make it look smaller and add some volume to the bust and hips to create an hourglass effect. Ruffles can be your best friends to achieve this,



This is probably the body type we’ve heard about the most. This is defined by an accentuated waist while the shoulders and bust area are similar in width with the hips giving that classic shape. In this case, you must accentuate the waist, take advantage of the defined lines of your body, and go for dresses with belts or with patterns that highlight and even tighten that area. V neck dresses look great on you, since they drag the attention to the center of the body leading to the waist. Now, most bodycons have this feature, but you must be careful not to go for those that also bring attention to the upper area of the shoulders because this will only unbalance your already balanced body.

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