Classic Garments To Win The Heart Of Your Romeo As A Real Juliet
How About

Classic Garments To Win The Heart Of Your Romeo As A Real Juliet

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By: Eduardo Limón

March 6, 2017

How About Classic Garments To Win The Heart Of Your Romeo As A Real Juliet
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By: Eduardo Limón

March 6, 2017

The tragic story of Romeo and Juliet lives in our imagination, to an extent, due to the 1996 film adaptation. Millions of people around the world held in their minds the image of this unfortunate postmodern revisitation of the original play. This thanks to Baz Luhrmann and his modern retelling of Shakespeare's groundbreaking story, as well as the iconic portrayals of Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes.

The meaning behind this intense love story reached new levels of representation with the appearance of its characters. Their extremely nineties garments, paired with the setting,  provoked euphoria in many teenagers. 

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The film's outfits became an icon of the decade: Hawaiian shirts, high-waisted jeans, short white dresses, messy suits and eclectic clothing that mixed navy, pirate, and cowboy styles. Having in mind the references and the impact it would cause, the costume design was a breath of fresh air painted in pastel colors that made its audience search for an extreme and cheesy combination of subversive esthetics.

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We can always reinterpret the story of the most famous couple of all times. However, going back to the classics is never too much. Finding ways to reinvent the classic style and the period's esthetics are not a bad thing. In fact, reimagining  designs from the time of the Elizabethan playwright can be very rewarding.

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A good example of this is the Alexander McQueen 2017 Spring-Summer collection, created by Sarah Burton. It's full of designs that come from a curated mix between the British evolution of fashion and a nostalgia for European refinement. It's an artistic approach that finds inspiration in images of the time as well as the film versions of Franco Zeffirelli and Carlo Carlei. All this is permeated with the characteristic prints of one of the boldest brands in fashion.

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To represent the passionate and stylish spirit of the play, let's take a look at the elements or fashion styles that make Juliet the inspiration to experience a wild romance within the soft fabrics of sophistication.


Empire waist white dresses are ideal to portray a mixture of sweet childishness and the seduction of a classy woman.

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Heavily laced blouses or dresses bring personality to certain parts of the body. They also provide a vintage perspective to any body movement.

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Sheer fabrics and long skirts are a great playful alternative for movement. Imagine a girl spinning with these clothes over an English hill. There's an ethereal elegance to this garment.

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Lace one-pieces over transparent structures provide the sensuality of a highly refined dress.

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Leather applications in blouses, skirts, or trousers, resemble ancient armor but also bring a fierce and bold touch to the silhouettes of modern women.

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Sheer blouses with rough cuts and an off-shoulder styles are the best choice for a fresh, yet well-thought style. In the same way, these garments provide a glimpse of erotism.

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Heavy accessories like necklaces above the cleavage and bracelets are recurrent in the whole collection. Their main purpose is to give strength and contrast to the looks.

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Square cleavage. Why? Because the framing  shows off the curves of the breasts or even the smoothness of the back. 

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With a clear image of heritage and creativity, this collection will definitely open the door for new proposals. The Alexander McQueen collection, paired with the inspiration of Shakespeare's famous play, is the best way to achieve the classic look of a woman guided by love and by a histrionic personality in the field of fashion.

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Translated by María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards