Clean Cut Minimalist Looks For Timeless And Unique Souls

Clean Cut Minimalist Looks For Timeless And Unique Souls

Until not that long ago, I was one of those people who believed that minimalist fashion was all black and white and simple pieces. And while, to an extent, it can be just that, there's more to this style than meets the eye. One time, I was on Pinterest, and saw a picture of a woman wearing the outfit I just described, and I fell so in love with it that I immediately put all my colorful clothes in a box and went for what I thought was the minimalist style. It didn’t feel right, to be honest. It looked so dull and boring that within a week I was wearing my good old bright clothes again. The problem is that the concept of minimalism is widely misunderstood. It’s a common mistake to think that the phrase “less is more” has to do with colors and quantity, when in fact, it’s all about creating a simple and clean style.

For those who don't know, the minimalist fashion trend derived from the artistic current born between the late fifties and the early sixties (although the idea of minimalism itself had emerged some years earlier), when artists decided to focus more on simplicity and the technical aspects of art. These artists wanted to prioritize anonymity, believing that all personality and excess would distract the spectator from the real essence of the artwork. Thus, their style became cleaner and more simple, creating pieces using only solid colors, lines, and geometric designs. Just think about Mondrian’s famous yellow, blue, red, and white square paintings.

And speaking of Mondrian, the artist was who inspired fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent to create a whole collection in line with these pieces. Like him, many other designers praised the philosophy of minimalist art and adapted it to their designs. Along with all the craziness brought by the Space Race in the sixties, futuristic styles (or at least what they thought the future would look like), and the minimalist movement, this fashion style became a trend that’s still relevant to this day. So, if you're like me and you thought this trend was boring, here are some tips to inspire you to embrace the true essence of minimalism.

Interesting and clean pieces

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You can definitely dress in solid and neutral colors, if you’re into a simple palette, but minimalism isn’t just about wearing black and white. If you want to do it in a fashionable way, I recommend finding interesting pieces with an edgy structure to make your look way more compelling. You can also opt for simple, clean pieces and combine them for a monochromatic outfit.


Hint of color

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To make it more interesting, adding a hint of color is a great choice. You can pick any color you want, but to make it pop, it must be a bright or contrasting hue, so that it complements the neutrality of your look. Red is a great option because it will add just the right amount of intensity, and it looks great with almost any neutral tone, but it’s up to you to decide which one goes with your personality.


Monochromatic outfits

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The thing about minimalism is that we tend to believe that it’s just about wearing as little pieces of clothing as possible (meaning a simple dress, or a pair of pants and a blouse), and this is not the case. The trick is to focus on one element and keep it simple just in that area. For instance, if you opt for a monochromatic outfit (the color doesn't matter), you can wear accessories as long as they go with the color you chose.


Color blocking

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Finally, you can get more experimental with the color-blocking technique. Unlike the previous tip, here the trick is to keep the cuts simple and number of pieces low, so what you’re wearing draws the eye to color combination. Also, it’s important to focus on the palette you’re selecting, so that there's a contrast, but it's also harmonious.


There are so many ways to create minimalistic outfits that match your own style and personality. Go ahead and experiment, but always keep in mind the golden rule: you must prioritize simplicity in one of the aspects of your look. Whether it's the use of colors, the fabric selection, the structure of the pieces, or the number of clothes you’re wearing to assemble the look. Once you master all that, it’s all about making it edgier.


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