Forget about shorts or mini skirts, this is the dress code for the Qatar Football World Cup

As the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar approaches and people are getting ready for it, you should know that not every piece of clothing is permitted. If you’ll travel to Qatar, you must get familiar with its dress code.

Qatar 2022 is just around the corner, and besides the obvious conversation around soccer, the culture and its restrictions on western visitors have been a topic of debate.

Although Qatar is a country that offers a good range of tourist attractions, culture, gastronomy, and more, the truth is that it is also one of the most conservative and traditionalist, so its list of restrictions has caught the world’s attention.


The neighboring country of Saudi Arabia, located in the Middle East with Arab influence, has punctuated very well the rules for all its foreign visitors, although it has also pointed out that its measures are not strict for tourists, taking into account its culture and climate.

What is the dress code for Qatar 2022?

For the Football World Cup of Qatar 2022, the country’s authorities have stipulated that those tourists who set foot on its territory must respect the local culture avoiding at all costs to wear “revealing and/or provocative clothing” regardless of gender.


Therefore, some characteristics that tourists must comply with at the time of dressing have also been made known. One of the main points is that women should mainly cover their shoulders and knees.

How should I dress for Qatar 2022?

The dress code for Qatar 2022 is as follows:


  • They must wear shirts and/or blouses without cleavage and that cover their upper arms.
  • Skirts, shorts or dresses may be worn as long as they are below the knee.
  • No leggings or ripped pants may be worn.
  • Bikinis may be worn when at the beach or pool.
  • Shayla (a type of head covering) must be worn when visiting government buildings or agencies.


  • Shorts above the knee should not be worn.
  • They should avoid wearing T-shirts or T-shirts with drawings, slogans or offensive phrases.

What happens if you do not comply with the Qatar 2022 dress code?

Wearing provocative or risky clothing in Qatar could be grounds for a reprimand, a fine or in the worst case a court sanction.


It is said that those who do not comply with the point of covering shoulders and knees will have trouble entering establishments, including the stadiums themselves.

Other bans in Qatar 2022

  • Compared to other editions of the World Cup, celebrations on public streets are prohibited at all costs.
  • Intimate relations outside marriage are prohibited.
  • There will be fines for littering on the streets.
  • No pornographic items or religious books will be allowed on the streets.

Which is the traditional Qatari dress like?

Because the Muslim religion is predominant in Qatar, there are certainly strict and established rules for its inhabitants regarding their dress, mainly for women.


The traditional dress for women consists of wearing “shayla” (a head covering) and a long black dress called “abaya”. Women who live the tradition more radically cover their entire face with a “niqab” leaving only their eyes uncovered.

On the other hand, men wear long pants with a long tunic with long sleeves and covering up to the ankles called “thawb”, “thobe” or “thaub”. On the head they wear a kind of headdress called “kufiyya” which they hold with a black rope called “agal”.


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