5 Looks You Can Create When You Have A Lot Of Style But A Low Budget


Fashion changes so fast that, before we can get to the latest trend, something new appears to take its place. This fast pace evolution and creation of pieces pushes us to be part of a purchasing dynamic that sometimes, without noticing it, takes most of our income in things we don’t really need, but we still feel the urge of buying. Every now and then, when we check our wardrobes to organize and clean it, we realize we have almost identical pieces, with just a tiny detail that sets them apart.

 Be honest, how many white shirts do you have?

Personally, I’ve got about eight and i'll admit, they all have the same cut, but a different print on them. Three are just plain, but all from different brands. What's my excuse? White shirts can get easily get stained or damaged so it’s good to have some extra ones. But it’s not all about shirts; we collect pieces that do the same work, like jeans (well, there are different shades and cuts), only to wear them a couple of times and chuck them in the far corners of our closet. We're no longer savvy buyers and as you rummage through your closet wondering what to wear, think about the things you've bought and how many times you've worn them. 

If you love fashion, you must know it’s an evolving typhoon that has a lot to do with experimenting and trying out new things. We don't really need brands telling us what to buy. We just need a bit of good taste and enough creativity to save some money and redesign the clothes in our wardrobes. 

Check these five ideas to refashion those old clothes you don’t use anymore and give them new life. Once you start adapting clothes, you'll realize you don't really have to spend a lot of money on new ones.



One of the pieces we seem to be obsessed with are cotton shirts. The minute we see a little hole or a tiny stain, we think they're useless and throw them away. However, these garments have a lot of potential to become new pieces. You can cut the bottom of the shirt and adapts some straps to the back, sew a band of tassels at the bottom, and turn it into a pretty crop top, or even paint some details with fabric dyes. There are endless options of what you can do with shirts without having to get new ones.



It's like a common rule that at some point of our lives we'll get creative and cut a pair of jeans to transform them into a pair of shorts. There are many ways to reuse shorts; for instance, you can cut your jeans and add a nice frame on them to make them unique. If you love your skinny jeans but they are a bit worn out from the legs, turning them into shorts is a great solution. In case you're not comfortable with skinny shorts, you can add some straps of fabric to the sides so that they become looser, and add a nice touch to them. Another great idea is attaching a fabric you like to the pockets of your shorts.



Raise your hand if you have a shoe addiction. One thing I had to learn from leaving home and becoming independent is that one can't just spend money on dozens of shoes or clothes; it's time to get creative. If you have a pair of old white canvas sneakers, you can paint them with a nice design. Also, there are many sandals we love but that their straps break and we think it's time to say goodbye to them. Well, there are many ways to fix them; one great option is to replace the straps with a thin scarf. Moreover, if you have a pair of pumps you don't use anymore or that are a bit worn out, you can refashion them in a fun way with decoupage glue and comic cutouts; once you place them where you want, just add a coat of varnish to secure them and... voila!



One basic piece in every wardrobe is a denim jacket, but nowadays there are so many cuts, shapes, and shades that we try getting them all. If you have two of a kind, you can differentiate them by adding a nice detail to it. Just like with the shorts, you can sew on some nice fabrics to one of the parts of the jacket. You can also embroider something nice or, if you're not that good with needles, you can get a cute patch and sew it. Another great idea to repurpose a denim jacket is to remove the sleeves and replace them with the ones of a sweatshirt or a hoodie you no longer use; this style is very fashionable nowadays.



Last but not least, there are many things you can use to adapt them and create new items. You can use a nice patterned blanket, make some cuts and turn it into a nice coat. If you already tried cutting your shirt to make it a crop top, don't throw away the debris; instead join them with nice beads and make a unique necklace. Scarves are also great to make fashionable kimonos.


As you can see there are many options to reuse your old clothes. This not only will save you some good money, but it'll also make a huge difference for the planet. Fashion is in the top of list of industries that pollute the oceans the most. So, let's be honest, we don't really need everything we see in stores. We really have to stop being shallow and start thinking about the future of this planet, our future. If you want to know more about things you can do to use conscious fashion, take a look at these 5 Clothes You Can Use Over And Over No Matter What's Trending.




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