The Clothes You Must Wear To Make Better Decisions According To Psychology
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The Clothes You Must Wear To Make Better Decisions According To Psychology

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By: Gustavo Lopez

February 13, 2017

How About The Clothes You Must Wear To Make Better Decisions According To Psychology
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By: Gustavo Lopez

February 13, 2017

Are you one of those who do everything perfectly, who puts a great effort to achieve everything you desire, but in the most important moments you don’t know how to make better decisions? Don’t panic! I’m like you.

Some hours after a critical situation has passed I generally think "I should’ve said this... I should’ve shown myself as a more decisive person." Then I look down and notice my shoelaces are untied and my pants have a lot of wrinkles...

We love wearing new clothes because it makes us feel more attractive, sexy and fashionable. It feels good because the image we have of ourselves gets better; therefore, our self-esteem rises considerably. I’m not exactly talking about the effects pants have in how your ass, your bulk, your breast, or your fitted tummy looks (well, maybe a little bit), but about the perception it creates in your mind.

fashion according to psychology lalaland

The California State University, together with Northridge and Columbia University, studied that effect and concluded that clothes not only change the perception people have on themselves, but also that the clothes they wear influence the way they think. Researchers think that dressing formally, together with a likewise more formal language, creates a social and psychological distance between people.

Now, here are 10 looks that can inspire you and help you make better decisions, a fundamental part of your psyche that is built on according to the clothes, colors, and textures you use.

fashion according to psychology suit1

Wear a suit. That’s it. This outfit has been the emblem of formality and elegance for two centuries.


fashion according to psychology suit 2

Back to point one. Wear a suit. The cuts and forms of suits are as diverse as fashion tastes. The secret is having one that perfectly fits. Whether it is tailor made or you have it adapted to your shape, a perfect suit is key to a good style.

fashion according to psychology suit3

High heels and the correct accessories will make you stand out wherever you are.

fashion according to psychology pencil skirt

Long, white pencil skirts look like marble on skin. The key detail in this outfit lies on the shoes; animal print or other patterns will attract the eyes of everyone.


fashion according to psychology suit4

A basic rule: there is no excess in formality. The outfit transforms the situations, not the other way around.


fashion according to psychology short skirt

Skirts with lengths above the knee will highlight your legs, go and show them off!


fashion according to psychology knee skirt

Skirts that skim the knees are incredibly elegant. These types of skirts are flattering, especially when they nip in at the waist. 


fashion according to psychology brown suit

Don’t cling to the typical brown suit; take risks and wear other colors. 


fashion according to psychology tie clutch

Who said that a girl cannot wear ties and look amazing? Something to pay attention to: the shoes match perfectly with the clutch.


fashion according to psychology oxford shoes

There isn’t a rule that says that one must wear high heels all the time. Other types of shoes with the correct outfit can make you look like star.



Remember, if you have an important meeting, reunion, or a job interview, the right look could help you make better decisions at a critical moment. This is about believing in yourself and exploiting your skills. For instance, in Matrix (1999), it is not until Neo sees himself as the “Chosen One” that he truly becomes the one. Clothes are material tools that help you in this transition.


Not only the way you dress will influence how you are treated. According to psychology, your mental processes change as well. There is one perfect look for you depending on the situation. You can be inspired by these two articles:  7 Women Who Seduced Hollywood and The Fashion Industry, Channel Your Inner Marilyn Monroe With These Inspired Looks 


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