8 Trendy Styles To Finally Say Goodbye To Your V Hair Cut

8 Trendy Styles To Finally Say Goodbye To Your V Hair Cut

Give that old-fashioned v cut hair a rest and try these modern and trendy hairstyles.

The early 2000s was probably the worst time for fashion and beauty in history. Remember the "juicy" velvet pink sweatpants? What about the denim mini skirt and top? For God’s sake! It was also the time of chunky yellowy highlights, tons of layers blow-dried to the outside, the front bubbles, the half-crimped/half-straight hair. Yet, there was something more, the worst of them all: the V cut hair.

Ok, perhaps the previous trends are far worse, but the deal with the V cut hair is that somehow it’s still a thing for those who refuse to leave the past behind. I mean, I get it, it creates an elongating effect that makes your hair look longer, but let’s be honest, it’s not that flattering! Especially for those of us who don't have straight hair. The worst part of this haircut is that unless you're willing to even your locks by making it all shorter, you would have to keep this look for ages until your shorter locks reached the perfect length.

So, why still going after a trend that’s pretty much bland and nonsensical as we’re about to enter the third decade of the millennia? If you’re one of those who feels that this is THE style and you are reluctant to let it go, take a look at these haircuts that are more versatile, practical, and trendy than the v haircut.
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8 Trendy Styles To Finally Say Goodbye To Your V Hair Cut 1

Textured Lobs

trendy modern v cut hair alternatives

We’re still in the era of the Bob and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere in the upcoming future, and that is because it’s literally flattering for all face shapes. If you’re one of those who won't dare to go for a short hairstyle, then Bob’s elder brother, the Lob, can be your perfect match. This year, Lobs, or better said "Cool Girl Bobs", will be quite fashionable. Don't wear it straight and better give it a try in more texturized and messy way.

Glass Hair

trendy modern v cut hair alternatives

A-listers have adopted the cool and fashion-forward trend of Glass Hair. It is a really short and sleek bob that barely goes under the jawline. This hairstyle is beautiful, elegant and can give your face a nice frame that would look great in any bone structure. However, keep in mind that you have to commit with it since it requires to be daily straighten and frequently cut.

Curtain Bangs

trendy modern v cut hair alternatives

Bangs can be a great way to change your look. Although there’s a specific bang style for every single face shape, it’s true that bangs can be a bit intimidating. But worry not since there's one style of bangs that looks great on everybody. Let me introduce you to curtain bangs, a really trendy kind of bang that will make you look so hip right now while perfectly framing your face. 

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Bob with Bangs

trendy modern v cut hair alternatives

Bangs can style up your bob, especially if you combine messy bangs with a texturized bob (let's put to rest the Mia Wallace straighten and fleek style from Pulp Fiction). The bob with bangs is perfect for those with more elongated faces since the frame it creates gives the illusion of a more rounded head. Again, it all depends on the type of bangs you’re going for but a nice bob with curtain bangs can actually be rocked by anyone.

Waterfall cut

trendy modern v cut hair alternatives

Though this hairstyle has some reminiscences from mid-2000s hairstyles, there’s no doubt that the waterfall haircut is having a strong return, especially for those who want a bit more texture and volume on their mane. Generally, this trend comes hand by hand with one of those fashionable hair color styles like balayage or ombre since the different lengths of the cut can give a more intense effect to color.


trendy modern v cut hair alternatives

Ok, this is basically the easiest look you can go for if you’re tired of that old fashion V cut hair. Straight, one-length hair isn’t only a very simple and minimalist style, it’s also highly fashionable. Besides that, it can be more versatile than one would think since it looks sleek and nice whether you go for a straight style or a wavy make.

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Grown-Out Pixie

trendy modern v cut hair alternatives

A pixie is not only a style for the brave, but also a trendy and bold fashion statement. One of the styles we'll see this year anywhere is the grown-out pixie, which looks as if your regular pixie has grown out making it look messier yet sharp. Basically, the idea is keeping the sides short with some longer and choppier locks on top. Again, unlike what it might seem, this hairstyle requires a lot of time and work to keep it nice.

Internal Layers

trendy modern v cut hair alternatives

Though we're been told by the latest trends to go wild with our messy hairs, it’s also true this isn’t something appealing for many of us, especially for girls like me whose hair looks literally like Hagrid’s when untidy. One way to follow the trends without being too extra is going for internal layers. With this technique, you will even make the one-length style to look chic.

It’s true that once you find a haircut or style that goes perfectly with you it may be hard to try a different and new look afterwards. But let’s be honest, it’s been about 20 years since the v cut hair was a things and no one wants to be like those ladies who are still wearing hair rollers and gel for fluffy motionless bangs. Change is good and these hairstyles can really upgrade your looks in a practical, comfortable and trendy way.

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