9 Romantic Makeup Ideas For Valentine's Day That Will Make You Swoon

Whether you have a date, a fun night with friends, or you just want to bring some of the romantic Valentine’s vibe to your life, makeup is one of the best ways to do so.

Makeup is the perfect tool to embrace all your favorite holidays and festivities with creativity and amazing looks. Of course, Valentine’s Day is probably the easiest and best holiday to go for it, not only to show your romantic spirit but also to do it with some glam and fabulousness. Whether you’re one of those who love going all out with their makeup looks, or you like embracing these events in a more subtle way, we got you covered. Just take your brushes and get ready to make your face glow with fabulousness.

Shine bright like a diamond

@lizzeglam /@nancyaguilar_ /@makeupbykeirabIf you’re not a glitter kind of person because you don’t know when’s the right moment to make yourself shine, this is the time. Valentine’s Day and glitter go together like milk and chocolate. One of the most gorgeous combos you can go for is the kind of mauve, smokey eye look with a gleaming lid. Glitter with pink undertones goes perfectly with this combination and will make your eyes look sultry and flawless.


Keep it classic

@swetlanapetuhova /@lavieencosmetiques /@amelia.szczepaniakThis look is perfect for those who like things a bit more subtle and classic, or even if you don’t feel that comfortable with all that eye makeup. A nice, statement red lip will get the job done, if you’re looking for a really romantic look.

Intense red is passion

@tatianaroseart /@lunafortun /@belenperaza5Red, of course, is THE color for Valentine’s Day, and if you think our previous idea is missing some glam, you can always enhance your looks with gorgeous reddish tones for a more seductive look. Wine hues combined with bright reds always give you a more intense gaze. For these looks, I always recommend applying some of your shadows on the lash line to create a more cohesive smokey effect. You can also add a lighter red tone on the waterline with a nice eye pencil for a more dramatic finish.


Glam cut crease

@lizzeglam /@hillary_pennell /@yamelarriagaxoCut creases are the makeup trend everybody is following these days for more elaborate looks. It might sound difficult but it’s actually quite easy to achieve and will give you cleaner and more defined lines. You just have to apply your preferred shadows above the crease and fill the actual crease with some concealer (preferably one that’s heavier). To set the concealer, you can either apply some translucent powder or another eyeshadow color. Finally, to add a romantic and unique touch, use some glitter to define some of the lines.

On Wednesdays, we wear pink

@lavieencosmetiques /@vicmram /@laviedunprincePink is like the cute little sister of passionate red, and a great choice for Valentine’s as well. You can go with an infinity of possibilities of pink hues on your lips, your eyes, or even your blush. The best thing about this color is that basically all shades look amazing on every skin tone, and it’s great to match with any color you can think of. 


Just a subtle glow

@sydneylilian /@tatianaroseart /@lunafortunYou don’t have to do that much to glow, and these subtle and simple looks prove it. The idea is to do your regular natural look and go a bit heavier on the highlighter. That means applying some on your eyes, your brow bone, the cheeks, the nose, your cupid’s bow or even as a topper for your favorite lipstick. The idea is to look radiant and beaming without looking too extra.

Killer eyeliner

@mvjdvmakeup /@laviedunprince /@lavieencosmetiques Valentine’s also gives us a great chance to go for something unique and a bit different from what we normally do. Statement eyeliner styles can give us that uniqueness and glam. The easiest way is changing the colors you’d normally use. Of course, pinks and reds go more with the holiday, but you can also play with eyeshadows and different shapes to get a killer eye look.


Juicy statement lips 

@fakhiarif Though most of the makeup trends today focus on the eyes, you can always bring some extra drama without having to go too extra on the eyes. Creating some interesting lip art can make your makeup look so fresh and trendy without having to spend too much time on them. A cute and subtle ombre effect, a mosaic bold lip, or even mixing textures with glitter and gloss can make your lips look on point.

Just embrace it

@mvjdvmakeup / @donthaveasecret /@alicekingmakeup If you’re a hopeless romantic who just loves Valentine's Day and wants to go all out with it, don’t be afraid. Embrace it. Some nice hearts on your eyes or lips will give a cool vibe to your Valentine’s makeup look. If you like it, just go for it, and everybody will love it.


Valentine’s can sometimes be a bit overwhelming especially with all the fuss surrounding it. However, at the end of the day, it’s a day to let our cheesiness take over, so don’t be afraid to try something new and exciting with your makeup or your nails. Most importantly, you won’t be the only one, and that’s something you can be sure of. So, which look is already calling your name?

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