5 Haircuts And Tips Men Should Try To Conceal Balding

5 Haircuts And Tips Men Should Try To Conceal Balding

By: Hugo Marquez -

Do not panic if you are balding! While you find the right treatment to fight alopecia, here we have five recommendations for you to try in order to keep that scalp sharp and healthy.

Hair loss is one of the biggest fears men experience in their twenties and thirties. I would bet it is not just a few of us who jump out of bed in terror after staring at our pillow covered in hair. And son, this is just the beginning. What about the hair in the shower? Remember that close up and soundtrack Hitchcock gave to the famous Janet Leigh scene in Psycho? Well, now we get her. Afterwards, you try to make that hair neat and cool, and then you realize there is more hair on the comb than usual. Then, you look in the mirror. You see that your forehead has become larger and larger, the hair on the crown zone is thinner and thinner, and you wonder when you decided to join a monastery. And finally, just like that, you discover how much you resemble your dad. It is over from this moment on. Life has no meaning. Not anymore.

Alright, alright. Maybe I am being a little too dramatic, but I would be lying if I did not admit the anxiety and stress most of us experience. The truth is this is a common problem among men, and it does have a scientific explanation. First of all, men experience hormonal changes in their mid-twenties and early thirties. Yes, “adulting" IS a thing. This creates the most common kind of alopecia (fancy word for “hair loss”), also known as androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness: your body reacts to stress and now your hormones make your skin and scalp produce more sebum. This oil creates pimples on your face and behaves differently in your scalp because it blocks the hair follicle. As a result, your hair will get thinner and thinner, which is the direct consequence of the follicle being blocked until it falls off. Unfortunately, if you do not follow the right care for this part of your body, your follicles will get blocked permanently and that will be the actual beginning of baldness.

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While you try to find the right dermatologist so they give you the right treatment that fits your needs (yes, because even when it comes to hair products, self-prescribing is still a NO, NO), here we have five hairdos and tips for you to conceal that hair loss and improve the look of your hair.

Crew Cut

5 Haircuts And Tips Men Should Try To Conceal Balding 2

Let’s talk about classic (non-toxic) masculinity over here. This has been a rather high-demand haircut and it has definitely transcended over the years. It has some ancient Roman inspiration: long on top, but short on the sides with a faded razor sideburn. Very practical for the summer.

Tip: Since your hair is already short, you may want to go easy with the combing. Just use your fingers to achieve this look and give it texture with just a little wax or mousse on the ends. JUST THE ENDS, okay? We don’t want that product merging with your sebum and going straight to your follicles.

Medium-length band

5 Haircuts And Tips Men Should Try To Conceal Balding 3

If you have a big forehead, this may be the right style for you. It basically consists of having longer bangs on the front that fade away as the hair gets shorter on the back and sides. However, mind the length of the bangs as well as how you intend to comb it. If your bangs are too fluffy, you'll get the opposite effect of what you're trying to achieve: instead of concealing, it will highlight your forehead.

Tip: Avoid touching your hair. I know it is very tempting to play with your hair, but you don’t want to do it because it will only make your scalp produce more sebum. Also, grabbing and pulling your bangs like Justin Bieber will for sure pull out more hairs. So, put those hands where I can see them.

Male bun

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Easy, breezy: let it grow, trim your ends, and tie it with a hair tie. It is the look you may want to wear if you want to cover bald spots on the top and back of the scalp. However, this is not my favorite look since gravity can take its toll on this hairdo. Longer hair means heavier hair, so it will make it easier to fall off. Also, a better diet will be required because more nutrients and vitamins will be needed to keep it shiny and soft.

Tip: This is the only hairstyle that may require conditioning every once in a while. It is important and vital even that you know how to apply it: after washing your hair, rub some product from the ends to the middle. Never ever rub it on your scalp. EVER.

Textured Crop

5 Haircuts And Tips Men Should Try To Conceal Balding 5

Different lengths of trimming will take part in this hairdo. It is the “I just got out of bed” look and does not require much grooming. Let it dry naturally and rub some wax, mousse or even gel just on the ends. This untidy look will hide bald spots on your head and even smooth the broadness of your forehead.

Tip: If you want to make it look even more untidy, you can use a blowdryer. However, put the device at least one foot away and always use the “cold” setting, if the temperature is adjustable. Pointing hot air straight to your scalp will make it drier, hence more sebum and well… I think I made myself clear about sebum and hair loss.

Military Short

5 Haircuts And Tips Men Should Try To Conceal Balding 6

You don’t need to have very little hair in order to try this look. It is great for many functional and practical reasons: it's a single wash a day, it saves you money (on shampoo, products, haircuts) and saves time. It is also the best way to start whatever treatment your dermatologist recommends. Since there is little hair, it will be easier for the treatment to be applied and to go right into your follicles. It’s a win-win.

Tip: Shampoo and washing. Mandatory. Just because there is no hair doesn’t mean there is no dirt. Wash it. Everyday no matter the style, length, season. You want to keep those follicles clean and hydrated, so purchase a shampoo that adjusts to your skin type. Look for sulfate-free shampoo and always wash it with warm water. Warm as tap water in the summer time. Anything above that temperature is too hot, and dryness may appear and the whole cycle of hair loss will be back on track.

All of these looks are convenient for caring for and concealing hair loss. They will not fight it. Remember that you need to go to a professional. Self-esteem is important, so I invite you to try these hairdos and tips in order to keep your hair, scalp and self-love healthy. Yet, I cannot overemphasize that you shouldn't self-prescribe. Instead, eat healthy, exercise, sleep, avoid showering with hot water and aggressive products on your scalp (alcohol and sulfates are your worst enemies right now).