KFC For Dinner And Other Of The Most Unusual Christmas Traditions Around The World

KFC For Dinner And Other Of The Most Unusual Christmas Traditions Around The World

By: Santiago Gonzalez -

Most places have offbeat traditions for different holidays, but when it comes to bizarre and strange Christmas traditions, this list has the best.

I bet you can name a few things your crazy uncle does for Christmas every year, or you can think of a weird event that’s become customary in your neighborhood. The traditions on this list, though, take unusual and bizarre to a whole new level.

  1. Cagatio

unusual christmas traditions in the world

“A shitting log” is what it is.  Actually, the log is called "el Tio de Nadal" or the Christmas Uncle. This Catalan tradition consists of gathering a heavy tree stump or branch on the days before Christmas, usually on December 8th, and putting it in a corner of your house. They cover it with a blanket (lest it gets cold) and feed it until the day he is due for some shitting-- presents, that is. Underneath the blanket there are presents hidden from plain sight, until the day the old trunk finally releases them, signaling the birth of something new from something old.

2. Caganers

unusual christmas traditions in the world

When it comes to the major league of unusual Christmas traditions, you gotta hand it to Catalonia. Catalans will put a figurine of a defecating man right by the nativity scene. That’s right, they place the figurine of a man (oftentimes a figurine of a world-famous celebrity, politician, or fictional character) crouching with his bare bottom, doing his business right in front of everyone. It’s usually next to a barrier of some sort so it’s not an actual part of the nativity because, I mean, there’s a limit. 

Catalans are proud of their shitting-man, a symbolic reminder of man’s feeble and natural condition; a strong irony that serves as counterweight to the solemn scene of the birth of God’s son.

3.Kentucky Fried Chicken (Japan)

unusual christmas traditions in the world@kfc_japn

If you’re in Japan, make sure you get a table at your favorite KFC, as Japanese folks traditionally spend Christmas eating fried chicken specifically from this multinational chain.


unusual christmas traditions in the world

For every ying, there’s a yang, and Krampus just happens to be Santa’s. Krampus is an evil demon goat who is no joke to Germans, Austrians, Croats, Hungarians and Czechs. They usually celebrate him on December 5th, and he roams the streets looking for naughty children to beat. While this might sound spooky, it’s really a day of fun and celebration.

5.Rollerskating (Venezuela)

unusual christmas traditions in the world

Sure, eating dinner and giving presents is fun, but don’t you feel like turning it up a notch? In Caracas, Venezuela’s capital, they close entire avenues and streets for people to go out and rollerskate. It’s not only about wearing your brand new skates that Santa left for you, it’s about a fun celebration with the whole community. 

If you think your Christmas is missing some fun, why not try some of these?


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