This Millennary Fruit-Based Oil Will Give You Perfect Hair And Skin

This Millennary Fruit-Based Oil Will Give You Perfect Hair And Skin

Natural products are the ultimate trend for beauty routines. When it comes to oils we have a wide variety of options for literally everything, but what if you could use one single oil for everything with really fast results?

Most Latin Americans out there probably know about this oil because it’s you can get it everywhere here and so many people swear by it. In case you don’t know about it, I’m talking about an amazing natural oil extracted from the kernel of the mamey sapote fruit. As a Mexican, I grew up consuming this fruit in every possible way, not only as a healthy snack, but also for its multiple cosmetic benefits. I remember when I bought my first mascara how my mom excitedly recommended me to get one of those popular and affordable ones made with mamey oil. And let me tell you, I haven’t put it down in more than a decade. Besides being a great formula for your lashes, this almost miraculous oil does wonders for the skin and hair, in general. So, without further ado, let’s get to the amazing benefits mamey has.

This Millennary Fruit-Based Oil Will Give You Perfect Hair And Skin 1

Its scientific name is Pouteria sapota, but it’s best known as mamey zapote in several countries all the way from southern Mexico to South America. These days, you can get it in many other parts of the world as a fruit, but it’s perhaps even easier to get the essential oil. So that you can get an idea, the fruit itself is known for its many health benefits including heart issues, strengthening the immune system, being a great aid for weight loss, and even its high amount of vitamins, minerals, potassium and carotenoids that have been proven to help in reducing anxiety.

This fruit has also been used for cosmetic purposes since time immemorial. Ancient pre-Columbian cultures used the pulp of the fruit to make face and hair masks (way before it was cool) to keep it shiny and healthy. In countries like Mexico, both the fruit and the extracted oil have always been included in cosmetic products for that particular reason, but what are exactly the benefits and properties? As I commented before, this fruit is highly rich in vitamins and minerals. But the oil extracted from the kernel has these properties concentrated and multiplied, which makes it a very powerful and nutritious essential oil.

This Millennary Fruit-Based Oil Will Give You Perfect Hair And Skin 2

You can follow these ancient techniques by smashing the fruit (which is highly creamy an soothing for the skin) or just getting a bottle of the oil and applying it directly on the skin and hair. By hair, I don’t only mean your gorgeous mane, but actually your lashes and brows too, and for guys out there, even the beard. Thanks to their high concentration of vitamins A, B, C, and E, as well as potassium, manganese, fibers, antioxidants, and minerals, this is a really complete natural product that will save you so much time in your beauty routine.

When it comes to hair, mamey is excellent because it nourishes and hydrates the follicles. Besides, since it’s really absorbent, it gets inside each follicle and hair, repairing even the driest and most damaged hair. Moreover, it also strengthens the hair and helps avoid falling out or the weakening of the hair from within. You just have to apply it all over your hair, brows, lashes, or beard with your hands or a cotton swab, and brush it with a spoolie or hairbrush to spread it all over so it reaches every single hair. You can also apply it right on the scalp as an aid to treat dryness and dandruff. You just have to apply it directly and massage all over the scalp two to three days a week.

This Millennary Fruit-Based Oil Will Give You Perfect Hair And Skin 3

As for your skin, mamey oil can become your everyday go-to product for everything. You can use it as a makeup remover that not only will effortlessly remove every single particle of makeup, but will also help hydrate your skin. Moreover, you can also mix it with other oils or fresh ingredients to create a powerful face mask to hydrate and regenerate the cells.

To sum up, this is a multi-purpose natural product that we can use basically for everything thanks to its amazing benefits, not only as a nutritious fruit, but also for its cosmetic use. It’s quite affordable and long-lasting since you don’t need much to see the magic happen. But besides all of this, I believe it’s a great evidence of the riches our countries have to offer the world.


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