6 Ways To Get A Pixie Haircut No Matter Your Face Shape

It's common to think you don't have the right face shape to pull off a pixie cut. This guide will show you the opposite. You just have to know what works best for you.

Are you thinking about getting a dramatic makeover? This question pops into my mind once a month or so, and it happens because I get bored, and the easiest way to defeat that boredom is by changing my hair with bangs, colorful hair dyes, new up-dos I learn on Youtube, different clothing styles, new makeup techniques, you name it. I really love constantly changing the way I look, and I’ve been doing it since I was in my teens and started making my own decisions. I’m not kidding, once I colored my hair gold and blue to support a football team, so you can imagine how many transformations I’ve had in the past years for any reason.

Now, one of these wasn’t really a good one, and whenever I look at photos of those times, I can’t help but feel horrified at how terrible it was, and naturally, I’m talking about a pixie cut. I foolishly went to the salon and asked for a pixie without taking into account my face shape, and it didn’t look good. According to Sascha Breuer, the stylist behind many celebrities, including Anne Hathaway, anyone can pull off a pixie cut. However, there are many things to take into account first, like the shape of your face. After that comes commitment, which is also highly important. If you’re like me and you also get easily bored with your hairstyle, this might not be the best idea, since it takes a lot of care and about a year to grow considerably to change the style.


Strictly speaking, the pixie cut is that classic short cut, but with time it has passed to include all short styles, so there are several options you can choose from that really flatter your facial features. Here is a short guide you can follow so you can get that perfect pixie.


This type of face was meant to rock any pixie style, seriously. Since it’s the most, let’s say, "even" shape, there’s no need to balance anything with this cut. You can go for a very tight pixie, a tiny fringe, or even loose and messy locks, basically, any short haircut will look great on you. Just go regularly to the salon to keep the style and you’ll be fine.



For elongated faces, the most advisable thing is to reduce the volume at the top of the head so that it doesn’t look even longer. So, basically avoid mohawks or anything that adds volume. Instead, you can opt for fringes that will give the illusion of a smaller forehead and give balance to your features. If you go for this idea, you must make sure that the fringe reaches your eyebrows, because if it’s shorter it will only make your face look even longer.


If you have a heart face shape you’ll want to highlight your cheekbones, and the best way to do so is with a haircut that brings attention to that area. Long and deep side fringes will be your best aid to achieve it. Now, it’s important for you to leave the length of the back of your head as short as possible so you can to create a nice balance.



This is something I should have checked before cutting my hair. As you might have noticed so far, the key to rocking this bold haircut is balancing your features. So, what you’ll want to do here is to make your face look longer rather than rounded. To do so, the ideal thing is to add some volume to the top while keeping the sides and back as short as possible. To create a nice effect, you can add some movement to your hair with some choppy locks or an asymmetrical bang. Just whatever you do, don’t get straight bangs, as this will only make your face look rounder and shorter.


Similar to rounded faces, you have to create something that blurs the angular lines of your face, so layers are going to be the key element to have the best pixie cut. To break with that natural symmetry of your face, play with lengths, waves, and shapes.



Finally, this is one of the most interesting face shapes out there, since it has also an angular structure, but slimmer and pointy shape on the chin. To create a natural balance, you have to highlight your cheekbones while playing with your face lines. The best pixie cut is the asymmetrical one with choppy locks. This will add some volume to the top while blurring the lines on the sides. Having different lengths will also help you break the strong contour of your face.

Pixie cuts can be one of the most difficult ones out there, but if they’re done right they can make give you a bold and fresh look. Just find the perfect style according to your face and be prepared to be committed to it for a while.


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