10 Super Bowl-Themed Snacks Your Viewing Party Needs (Besides Guac)

10 Super Bowl-Themed Snacks Your Viewing Party Needs (Besides Guac)

It doesn't matter which team you support, there’s one thing that brings everyone together in the Super Bowl: the delicious snacks.

The Super Bowl is around the corner, and we're just in time to organize an awesome viewing party. If you’re one of those people who like to go all out to create original and delicious treats for your guests, you’re probably looking for something other than hot wings and bland guacamole to impress everybody, while enjoying of one of the biggest entertainment events of the year. These really cool and tasty ideas will definitely crown you as the official Super Bowl party host. Are you willing to take the title?

Ball eggs

super bowl themed snacks party food

One of the easiest and cutest ways to upgrade your traditional snacks is shaping them as footballs, as you’ll see with these delicious dishes. Eggs, of course, are probably the fastest and easiest shape to achieve it. You could make some classic deviled eggs and adorn them with some herbs or sauce for the football stitches. Another great, sweet alternative are chocolate eggs covered in cake frosting or white chocolate.

Cheesy balls

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There's no snack table without every single cheese dish you can think of. If you have good cooking skills, you can take it to the next level and bake a delicious loaf of bread filled with delicious melted cheese (don’t forget to add some sauces and dips to enhance the flavors). The alternative for slow cookers is actually quite tasty and easy to make. You’ll just have to blended cream cheese, shape it as a football and coat it with a combination of bacon, nuts, and some herbs. Serve with crackers or tortilla chips, and enjoy.

Cracker heaven

super bowl themed snacks party food

Again, crackers and cheese are a magic combo snack that can save us a lot of time and still make us look like great hosts. Now, with some decorations, it can definitely look next level gorgeous. Pair it with some ham, pepperoni, or whatever meat you like.

Stadium displays

super bowl themed snacks party food

If you want to get a bit more crafty, you can actually create your own edible football stadium fantasy. You can put together some containers to shape the stadium and fill them with your favorite snacks and candies, or you can actually make a delicious field with guacamole. Draw the yard lines with cream cheese, add some more details, and you’ll be ready to go.

Classic snacks with a twist

super bowl themed snacks party food

The Super Bowl is definitely that day when you can go crazy and eat as many snacks and greasy stuff as possible. That includes, of course, classics like burgers and hot dogs. You’ll just need to add some details to decorate your hot dog or just shape your burgers like footballs. It’s so easy and yet so visual that they won’t last long on your table.

Fruity treats

super bowl themed snacks party food

Enough with salty stuff, give me my sweets! Let’s start with the kind of healthy ones, fruity treats. The easiest thing to do is just dipping some strawberries on chocolate and add the football stitches. For a more elaborate snack, you can carve a watermelon and shape it like a football helmet and fill it with your favorite fruits. Definitely a great and fresh palate cleanser for the evening.

Sweets on a stick

super bowl themed snacks party food

This one’s easy and quite fast to make. Grab any snack you like that comes on a stick and dip it in liquid chocolate; pretzels and chocolates make for a delicious flavor combination. You could also make or get some ice cream sandwiches and decorate them.

Delicious cupcakes

super bowl themed snacks party food

If you’re more into baking, cupcakes are a great and gorgeous way to show all the colors of the Super Bowl. You can make some generic ones or even some inspired by your favorite team.

Team sweet popcorn

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We’ve seen generic football-themed snacks, but adding the colors and badges of the teams playing in the Super Bowl will make your snack table even more special. An easy way to do so is making a nice bowl of popcorn and adding candy or chocolate with the teams' colors. 

Team shots

super bowl themed snacks party foodDelish


This last idea is probably my favorite. You’ll need to make these in advance because they aren’t that fast to make, but I bet they’ll be your guests’ favorite. Making them is not that hard: get some flavored gelatin powders and follow the instructions on the bag. Then, instead of water, add your favorite booze, and put them on the fridge. To make the color levels you’ll have to repeat each color by letting the previous one solidify on the fridge before adding the next one.

This is everything you’ll need for a memorable Super Bowl party. Get your team’s jersey and enjoy the match.

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