5 of the best (and spookiest) cases from The Warren File

From the famous Annabelle doll story to unknown cases of the demonology expert couple.

Ed and Lorraine Warren were two investigators of paranormal events in the United States and other parts of the world. Ed, was a demonologist, while Lorraine was in charge of clairvoyance.

Over time Ed and Lorraine traveled around the world visiting different sites that were reported to be haunted, as well as giving talks about their investigations. The couple never charged for their services and earned their income from the paintings Ed painted and sold, as well as the lectures they gave.


Due to some of the investigations they conducted, the Warrens decided to found the New England Society for Psychical Research in 1952, an association dedicated to investigating ghosts, as well as searching for demons.

The most chilling cases of the Warren File

The Amityville Case

This is probably the best-known Warren case because it has had several film adaptations due to the terrifying nature of the case. It all started when the Lutz family moved into a house on Long Island, where the problems quickly began: furniture that moved by itself, an extremely cold environment that they could not remove in any way, foul smells, and extremely strange fluids coming out of the floor.


The family reported it to the church, which didn’t believe them; so, they had to be subjected to a polygraph, passing successfully. It was then that they decided to call the Warrens, discovering the chilling event that occurred before the Lutzes arrived on the scene.

The original owners of the house had been murdered on the premises by Ronald, the eldest son of the family, who in one night took the lives of his parents and siblings. According to the investigations carried out by the Warrens, the event was triggered by the presence of a demonic entity that inhabited the house and appeared in the form of a child. There is a photograph of the “ghost” of the child, taken by Ed Warren in the Amityville house.


The Annabelle Case

In the ‘70s, a group of three young people contacted a medium because strange events were occurring in their homes. They considered that the culprit was a doll that seemed to have a consciousness of its own because sometimes they left it in one place and it appeared in a completely different one.

Strange notes also appeared, which seemed to ask for help, and on one occasion a blood-covered doll appeared. The medium assured them that it was the spirit of a seven-year-old girl named Annabelle who had died in the house and her soul had possessed the doll.


The young women were not satisfied with what the medium said, because every time stranger and stranger events were happening, they decided to call the Warren family, who discovered that what the medium said was not true. It was not a girl, but a demon, this time they could not get rid of the demon, so, to help the girls, they decided to take the doll with them.

The Warrens have a museum in which they housed objects of the cases they attended, and in one of the showcases is Annabelle, the famous and feared doll. Lorraine mentioned on one occasion that they had to submit the doll to a religious ritual to get rid of it; however, during the journey, they could feel an atmosphere of hatred. The car in which the couple was traveling began to fail, so Ed decided to sprinkle the doll with holy water, which allowed them to reach their home. In the following days, Annabelle began to levitate and appeared in different rooms of the house.


The couple had a close friendship with a Catholic exorcist with whom they had worked on different cases, Father Jason Bradford, who was interested in the doll. The exorcist visited them; however, when he saw it, he found it harmless and told them that it was only a rag doll and could not hurt anyone. As he was leaving the house, Lorraine warned him to be careful when driving and to let them know when he arrived at his destination. After saying goodbye, she told Ed that she sensed a tragedy for the priest.

Hours later, the couple received a call from Father Bradford, who told them that the braking system of his car failed without explanation and he almost died in a terrible accident. The car was left in ruins, and he survived by a miracle; he was sure that this doll was responsible for the accident.


The Connecticut Case

In 1986 a family rented a house, which had been a funeral home in the past, and had had too much trouble renting it. When they were able to move into their new home, they began to experience strange events such as dishes falling on the floor, the tap water turning red, as well as various apparitions.

In addition, the property still had the mortuary located in the basement and a mausoleum on the outside of the property. When the Warrens arrived at the property they discovered that the spirits were angry, because the owners of the mortuary had practiced lustful acts with the bodies of people, which had prevented the spirits from resting.


The Smurl Curse

The Smurls were a very Catholic family who began to experience paranormal events in their home in West Pittson, Pennsylvania in 1973. These events, which lasted a little over 10 years, began to occur shortly after they arrived at the house, such as drawers that opened and closed by themselves, and radios that were not plugged in emitting sounds.

As time went on, the events began to gain intensity, with scratches in the wood, a putrid smell, voices whispering their names in the basement, and the presence of some shadows. On one occasion, Janet woke up to feel her leg being pulled while her husband held her without understanding what was happening.


They began to hear banging on the walls, they woke up with unexplained bites on their arms, they levitated on the beds, and the girls were thrown through the air in their rooms. As the years went by, the situation became worse and worse. The case caught the attention of journalists, demonologists, and the Roman Catholic Church.

After a while, the family decided to resort to the Warrens, who proved that it was a demonic presence that was stalking them and suggested that they ask for help from the local church. However, the priest refused to help, so the couple brought an exorcist who accompanied them in some cases, but this did not put an end to the events, as these phenomena increased in intensity.


Although the priest repeated the ritual on different occasions, the phenomena would cease for a couple of weeks and then recur, the family and the Warrens decided to write a book telling their story, and so it reached a bookseller who studied at the Vatican. He learned of the story and sent a letter to Cardinal Ratzinger, better known as Pope Benedict XVI, who intervened so that the family could have the final exorcism that allowed them to end their martyrdom.

The White Lady of Easton

It is said that the Union Cemetery in Easton, Connecticut, hosts the ghost of a woman who appears at night on a nearby road, where several motorists have mentioned that they have run over a woman, but when they get out of the car they do not find anybody; however, if they can see a dent in their vehicles.


Ed Warren talks about a white lady in the book Graveyard: True Hauntings from an Old New England Cemetery. It is about a woman who was murdered in the 19th century; her body was dumped behind the Easton Baptist Church, located north of the cemetery.

Ed also managed to capture a video of the ghost dated September 1, 1990, when he placed the camera on a bridge near the cemetery gate, where he observed a woman with long black hair dressed in white while crying, however, she disappeared shortly after appearing.


Story originally published in Spanish in Cultura Colectiva

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