Pictures Of David Bowie Behind The Glam, Makeup, And Glory

Pictures Of David Bowie Behind The Glam, Makeup, And Glory

When we think of David Bowie what comes to mind is the ever changing appearance he fostered throughout his life.

David Bowie's extravagant alter ego Ziggy Stardust, the anthropomorphic figure of a dog for the cover of Diamond Dogs, his radical thinness and red hair, the White Duke with the eye patch, or the classic lightning on his face; these are reasons why he's called "The Chameleon of Rock."

What hides behind the glamour and the make-up though?

What is he like backstages and off camera?

In 1997, David Bowie visited Mexico City for the first and last time to play at Foro Sol during his worldwide "Earthling Tour". While in Mexico, the photographer, Fernando Aceves followed his steps and immortalized the rockstar in different city landmarks.

David Bowie Rivera mural

David Bowie Rivera mural 2

David Bowie poses next to Diego Rivera's mural "El hombre controlador del Universo," in the Palacio de Bellas Artes (1997). Image: Fernando Aceves

David Bowie Casa Azul

David Bowie in La Casa Azul, Frida Kahlo museum (1997). Image: Fernando Aceves

David Bowie sun pyramid

David Bowie in front of the Sun Pyramid (1997). Image: Fernando Aceves

David Bowie and Aceves

David Bowie and Mexican Photographer Fernando Aceves (1997)

There are other little known pictures taken behind the scenes, between shootings, in parties or during his everyday life. The artist looks like a different person in each one of these portraits.

David Bowie and McCartney

Bowie was close friends with other artists like Paul McCartney, Iggy Pop, and Mick Jagger.  This picture with Paul was taken in 1985 by Linda McCartney. 

David Bowie Iggy Pop

David Bowie Iggy Pop 2

David Bowie and Iggy Pop nurtured a very close relationship. In 1976, they even lived together sharing an apartment in Berlin. It was a productive time for both musicians, together they worked on the songs “Low,” “Heroes,” and “Lodger.”

David Bowie Tina Turner

Keith Richards, Tina Turner, and David Bowie.

David Bowie and Iggy Pop also composed "Tonight" for Iggy's album Lust for Life. In 1984, Bowie recorded the song again for his album Tonight, with Tina Turner as a special guest. While on the "Private Dancer Tour," Tina performed "Tonight" in the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, UK. Everyone was left open-mouthed when David Bowie appeared on stage and sang with her.

David Bowie Axl Rose

Axl Rose and David Bowie.

David Bowie McCartney 2

David Bowie and Paul McCartney

David Bowie Mick Jagger

Bowie and Mick Jagger were also very good friends. They recorded together the piece "Dancing in the Street", and it's said that they shared a love relationship. At least this is what Christopher Andersen explains in his book, Mick: The Wild Life and Mad Genius of Jagger. He also describes a time when Angie, Bowie's wife back then, caught the couple in bed. Singer Ava Cherry also confessed she shared a bed with David and Jagger.

David Bowie Angie

David Bowie with his wife at the time Angie, and their three years old son, Zowie (1971)

When launching the album Hunky Dory, Bowie let his hair grow, adopting an extremely androgynous appearance. If we didn't have a bit of context for the image above, it would be difficult to distinguish who is the woman in the picture.

David Bowie Japan

David Bowie in a subway in Japan (1980)

During his career, Bowie composed a bunch of projects in Japan. In 1980, there he recorded "Crystal Japan", an instrumental piece for the album Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps). The song was used for a TV advert of the sake "Crystal Jun Rock" in which Bowie appeared.

He was also the main character from Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence, a film by Japanese director Nagisa Oshima, in which Bowie plays a prisoner from the Second World War.

David Bowie Susan Sarandon

David Bowie and Susan Sarandon during The Hunger shooting

In 1983, David Bowie and Susan Sarandon starred together with Catherine Deneuve in the film The Hunger. It tells the story of a lady vampire (Deneuve), who feeds from the blood of her lovers; John (Bowie), her partner, starts to age faster and will have to seek help from Sarah (Sarandon).

pictures of David Bowie

Bowie cutting his birthday cake (1973)

The multifaceted artist celebrating his 26th birthday. It is said he didn't like to celebrate birthdays; however, his fans would honor him by sending presents and cake, for which Bowie always showed gratitude.

pictures of David Bowie

David Bowie and his guitarist (The Spiders from Mars) Mick Ronson


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