9 Mexican New Year's traditions to ensure a luckier 2022

These New Year's Mexican traditions will have you covered in all good fortune matters the next year.

While New Year's is widely celebrated around the world, there's no doubt that each country has its own culture and traditions to celebrate the year that has passed and wishfully hoping that the one that's to start brings good fortune and luck. As it happens with many Mexican traditions, New Years's is also full of colorful customs. 

While we could say some of this is based on pure superstitions, there's no harm in trying to ensure a fortunate upcoming year. If you're looking for ways to increase your chances, you might want to try some of these.


Grapes and wishes

This inherited tradition from Spain and that's widely practiced all over Latin America is supposed to grant us 12 wishes right when the year begins. Traditionally, each attendant is given 12 grapes, when the clock marks midnight, twelve bells welcome the new year. For each bell, you must eat one grape and ask for a wish. Make sure you know what you're asking beforehand so you don't choke!

Throwing water out of the window

Although it's more complicated to carry out with this tradition if you're living in an apartment, many families still take the chance. The idea is to throw a bucket of water out the window on New Year's Eve; this symbolizes you're throwing away the old year and the bad things that happened and leaving space to welcome a new year.


Wearing the right underwear

This one is probably the most popular among Mexicans and other Latin American countries. Each color represents a wish to be granted throughout the new year, so choosing to wear the right color is key to making it happen. For example, if you're looking for love, you might want to wear some bright red undies, yellow will attract money, white means peace, and if you're a bit kinky, you might want to try black.

Full cleansing

There's no way to have a new fresh start if we're still carrying the negative vibes of the past year. For that reason, many are accustomed to make a thorough cleaning of their house, taking a good bath, and taking out all the dirt from the past. In some states, people will even mop the floors with clean water and cinnamon right before midnight as a ritual of renewal.


Walking with a suitcase

This one is my personal favorite since its purpose is to travel more in the coming year. It's as simple as it gets, you must take an empty suitcase and walk around your house or block. In some states, the suitcases are placed in the middle of the house, and people will walk around them. Whatever the procedure, this ritual is thought to grant you really great trips and travels throughout the coming year.

Taking some lentils out of the house

Since the time of the conquest, lentils have been associated with wealth and good fortune. For that reason, even today, lentils are key in many New Year's rituals. One of the most common is leaving a bag of lentils outside the front door of the house the last night of the year and later on preparing a dish to dine on New Year's Eve.


Sweep out bad luck

As we mentioned before, having a clean household is key to welcoming the new year. Sweeping the floors is also a very common tradition in Mexico, and most people do it right before the clock strikes midnight. The idea is to bring everything from the back to the door of your house to drive away all those negative vibes and bad times you experienced throughout the year.  Some people will even throw some coins on the outside and sweep them into the house to attract financial stability and growth.

Burning candles

Candles are key to many rituals, and in Mexico, they're also great for the New Year's traditions. The idea is to place some candles on a white plate and surround them with lentils, rice, cinnamon, beans, corn, or flour. The candles must be left to burn out completely, the now waxed foods are collected and buried to attract abundance the next year and good fortune overall. Just as the colors in the underwear, many believe that the color of the candles can also attract specific things like love, money, or peace.


Smashing some plates

In some Mexican states like Oaxaca, people are accustomed to smashing one of the plates they used on the New Year's dinner. Especially those used to eat the traditional and delicious buñuelos. Smashing the plates symbolizes breaking with all past habits you want to leave behind, so you can properly start over the coming year.

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