Urban tourism: Traveling without asking for vacations at work

Remote work has allowed many workers to experience tourism in a different way.

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of new traveling options to enjoy an unforgettable vacation or a business trip that doesn’t just focus on working during your entire stay. So. we set out to find out more and interviewed Diana Plazas-Towbridge, Marriott’s Marketing Specialist for Latin America and the Caribbean, who knows exactly what to consider when it comes to urban tourism.

What is urban tourism?

Urban tourism is a traveling trend in which leisure tourism in large cities stands out, as they offer a wide and varied selection of cultural, gastronomic, architectural, technological, and natural experiences and products for leisure and business.


Travelers are changing beach destinations to embark on city adventures around the world, redefining leisure travel by following this new trend that represents an engine of development for many cities in Mexico and Latin America.

According to Diana Plazas, many factors have driven this kind of tourism, especially remote work, which allows travelers to make trips even when they are working, only for the sake of living new experiences. Being in a city makes it much easier to develop an agenda that mixes pleasure and business, an experience she calls “Bleisure.”


How to travel while still working?

The pandemic changed many of today’s habits; people now live, work, study and travel very differently than they did a couple of years ago, but you have to take into account certain points that could facilitate urban tourism while you work:

Make the hotel a second home (and office):

Something that Diana always recommends, is to make the hotel a second home: that place where you can come back after a long day and pamper yourself with the warm treatment of the hotel staff or even have a moment of relaxation in the spa if it has one, or otherwise take a long bath and pamper yourself with room service.


Have technology as an ally:

Find out if your hotel has a good internet connection and even if it has a cafeteria or a friendly space where you can work, since being in your room all day is not the most advisable. Otherwise, you can check the area to find a cafeteria that allows you to work and enjoy the city you’re visiting.

Find hotels that are tourism per se:

Look for destination hotels, these usually have a great gastronomic offer with multiple consumption centers and a large variety of shows that allow you not to leave the hotel, but of course, without missing a unique experience of its kind, especially look for those hotels that have local experiences within their programs.


Don’t miss the opportunity to experience urban tourism in the cities and be able to combine work and a well-deserved vacation.

Story originally published in Spanish in Cultura Colectiva

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