Looking for your next read? Here are book reviews and lists from classical to the newest emerging voices.

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Ed Kemper was a prominent character on 'Mindhunter'. Turns out, he recorded his voice on hundreds of audiobooks available to the public.
I used to read the books before I watched the TV show or movie, but the older I get, the less time it seems I have to keep up with both. So, more often now, I find myself seeing the adaptation before reading the book. Here’s why that might be the better choice.
When you think of the classics, chances are you're thinking of your high school required reading. From Jane Austen to Shakespeare, classics are often associated with writers of European descent. Here are some classics that come from people of color and different cultures.
From the swelling orchestra of a book-to-movie adaptation, to catchy Broadway rhymes inspired by a historical biography, reading and music go hand in hand. Here are some of the best music books to add to an enthusiast’s reading list.
William Shakespeare did not come up with many of the stories of his plays, but read them elsewhere. Is he is a copycat? Not really.