7 Tattoo Symbols That Show You Are A Free Soul

7 Tattoo Symbols That Show You Are A Free Soul

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Tattoos are the perfect way to represent a thought and belief and are icons that reinforce the faith and inner strength of people.

Tattoo Symbols  meanings

We all carry a heavy burden in life, a testament to our strength as human beings, a proof of our capability to forge on, relentlessly, with no stopping. We carry precious tokens filled with meaning. For instance, we may go to an interview wearing a shirt that was given to you for good luck, or wear a ring that reminds you of someone you hold dear. We pour significance and meaning into some objects we carry with us, and while they may form part of this baggage, their sole presence reduce this heavy weight. It is not surprising, then, that tattoos adorning our bodies also have a double meaning and guard special moments.

Love, trust, intellect, power, tranquility, righteousness, and above all freedom, are the main themes that are sought after in the world of tattoos. Among the many symbols out there, we have identified seven that embody these principles to the fullest extent. Every time you look at the symbol imprinted on your skin, you will be reminded of your purest ideals and inner strength. 

Dharma Wheel 

Tattoo Symbols dharma

In Hinduism, the Dharma wheel is the universal law of nature. Nature is conceived with regular movements and cycles, which is why it is represented as a wheel. According to this law, every person follows an ethical and religious duty that was assigned to them at birth. 

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Tattoo Symbols  dharma wheel

The triskelion

Tattoo Symbols triskelion
The triskelion represents evolution and growth. It is the balance between the body, mind, and spirit. The greek term, triskelion means "three-legged," and this symbol looks very much like three legs running. In this life we compete and run to achieve our dreams and ideals. 

Tattoo Symbols triskelion wrist


Tattoo Symbols oroborus

An ancient symbol that represents a snake or dragon devouring itself. It symbolizes the eternal struggle and the constant evolution in life. 

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Fleur de Lis

Tattoo Symbols fleur de lis

It is a symbol of power, honor, loyalty and purity of mind and soul. It is a symbol that has been embraced by the masons, alchemists, religious movements, and even the French monarchy. 

Tattoo Symbols fleur de lis arm


Tattoo Symbols om

This symbol is the essence of Hinduism. It represents unity with the supreme being and the combination between the physical and spiritual. It is a sacred syllable, the first sound the All Powerful makes when the universe is created and that keeps emerging in nature and life. 

Tattoo Symbols om symbolic

Yin Yang

Tattoo Symbols yin and yang

The yin and yang embody the concept of duality in this universe. Opposite and complementary forces surround this world. The yin is the feminine principle, the earth, darkness, and passivity. The yang is the masculine principle, of the sky, light, and activity. 

Tattoo Symbols koi yin and yang


Tattoo Symbols hamsa

The Hamsa is filled with power, strength, and blessings. It is prevalent in Muslim cultures and in Judaism, and it's considered an amulet against the evil eye. 

Tattoo Symbols hamsa hand

It is not strange that people choose specific symbols or traditions to adorn their bodies. Since times immemorial, scarification and intricate tattoos have graced the bodies of countless cultures. Tattoos are the perfect way to represent a thought and belief and are icons that reinforce the faith and inner strength of people. 

Tattoo Symbols unity yin and yang

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