Diana: The New Broadway Musical That Tells The Story Of The Princess

1565736238138 diana a new musical broadway princess diana story 3 - diana: the new broadway musical that tells the story of the princessApparently, you can turn anything into a musical as long as you add a compelling character, good songs, and an amazing show. Not only are we living a revival of musicals nowadays, but we’re actually getting some interesting proposals based on stories you wouldn’t ever imagine could do well in the musical format. I mean, King Kong? Really? Well, yes really, and it seems it’s actually working just fine. Now, Broadway will receive another non-Broadway-ish story with Diana: A New Musical, inspired by Princess Diana’s life.

After some run at the La Jolla Playhouse in San Diego, the musical, written by Joe Dipietro with music and lyrics by David Bryan (Bon Jovi’s keyboardist), will open at Broadway’s Longacre Theatre on March 31, 2020. The story centers on Diana’s tempestuous relationship with Prince Charles while he was having an affair with Camilla, and her image as the iconic and benevolent princess which contrasted with that of other royal members at that time.

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That a musical like Diana is being made at this particular moment in history isn’t a coincidence. In the past few years, the image of the British royal family has changed drastically thanks to the breath of fresh air new generations are bringing. The addition of Meghan Markle to the scene and the reception she’s had both with the family and the British people raises some parallels with that of her mother in law.

Royals are a trend, and the producers of this musical know it. We’ve seen that fact in the development and consumption of many visual products out there, more famously Netflix’ The Crown. So it’s safe to say this upcoming musical will more than likely be a hit.

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