Are Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson Expecting? The Sweet Hidden Message in Coldplay’s Show

Chris Martin would have announced his new fatherhood in a Coldplay concert without saying a single word.

Gabriela Castillo

Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson could be parents and we can’t wait to meet their beautiful baby.

The musician and the actress are one of the most stable couples among celebrities and every time they have the opportunity, they show us how unconditional they are for each other, which makes us believe in love still.

Chris and Dakota have been together for more than five years, and from the first moment they were seen together until now, they look just as in love, so there is a possibility that they will soon become parents.

Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson Could Be Parents

This rumor started after a Coldplay concert in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where the band projected an image that appears to be a 3D ultrasound.

Chris Martin didn’t say anything when showing the image, he just raised his arms to the audience and moved to the rhythm of the song, while the spectators tried to decipher the message.

Fans claim that the musician announced that he would become a father with Dakota Johnson, however, the artists have not clarified said rumor.

On the other hand, the theory that the famous couple is about to become parents could make a lot of sense, as in several interviews, Dakota Johnson has expressed her desire to become a mother, and now it may be a reality.


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This is not the first time that Chris Martin would become a father, as the singer already has two children with Gwyneth Paltrow, from whom he separated in 2014.

The truth is that the image revealed during the Coldplay performance moved all fans, and they hope that the news is what they imagine.

Story originally written in Spanish by Kate Nateras in Cultura Colectiva.