Emily Ratajkowski and Olivia Wilde Broke the Friendship Code for Harry Styles

Harry Styles breaking friendships. Rumor has it, the former One Direction member is now dating Emily Ratajkowski, Olivia Wilde's friend.

Isabel Cara

Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski were spotted in Tokyo while kissing passionately, although the details of this relationship are not known, the news surprised the whole world for several reasons, one of these being that the model previously lived with Olivia Wilde, Harry’s ex-girlfriend of the musician, which has led them to be attacked and invaded by criticism.

The musician and the model could be one of the most surprising couples of 2023, and although neither of the two celebrities has clarified the rumors, the evidence says more than a thousand words. But what Netizens are commenting on the matter is the fact that Olivia Wilde and Emily Ratajkowski were friends before Harry Styles, and now it seems that Styles is causing friendship codes to be broken.

Harry styles and olivia wilde

Harry Styles, Olivia Wilde, and Emily Ratajkowski?

Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles had a two-year relationship after they met while filming Don’t Worry Darling, directed by the 39-year-old actress. In November 2022, both celebrities decided to break off their romance, although neither of them specified the reasons. Sources close to the ex-couple assured that Olivia was focused on her two children and her work, while the singer was on tour, which led them to be separated for a long time.

Now that we have the context, you should know that Olivia Wilde and Emily Ratajkowski also spent time together; they were probably even friends… until now. In June 2022, Harry Styles took his Love On Tour to Paris, during the concert, Olivia and Emily were captured enjoying themselves together. Yes, together, they were dancing and singing along to the former One Direction member’s hits.

Olivia wilde and emily ratajkowski

In March 2023, the model and actress were spotted again on one of the couches at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills, the venue for the Oscar’s after-party. Both women were photographed together, and Wilde even shared some of the moments of that meeting through her Instagram account.

According to several fan theories and rumors from US media, Harry Styles, Olivia Wilde, and Emily Ratajkowski were already in a relationship for a long time, as they claim that the celebrities used to meet to have threesomes and have a good time together.

Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski

So far, the only things there are about both celebrities together are videos and pictures of them kissing passionately in front of a car. A source close to the possible couple revealed to People magazine that both celebrities already knew each other before and that the model has a good relationship with Olivia.

“They’ve been friends for a long time (Harry and Emily), and the model gets along well with Olivia Wilde,” the source assured.

Harry styles and emily ratajkowski

Mockery on Harry Styles

In addition to the surprise, the images of Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski provoked mockery towards the singer, as users claim that, apparently, the musician does not know how to kiss since, they consider, the kisses with the models to look extremely forced.

The ‘Matilda’ singer has been in Tokyo for several days with his Love On Tour and, after a few weeks of rest, he will resume his presentations in Denmark… which makes us wonder, will Emily Ratajkowski accompany him?

Story written in Spanish by Kate Nateras in Cultura Colectiva