Hugh Jackman, at Risk of Relapsing With Cancer… We Love You, Wolverine

Hugh Jackman underwent two biopsies on his nose to find out if cancer had appeared again.

Gabriela Castillo

Hugh Jackman may be at risk of relapsing with cancer, a condition to which even in the world of comics, ‘Wolverine’ is vulnerable.

The actor caused concern with a video on social media, where he revealed that he underwent two biopsies on his nose to find out if the disease had returned.

For years, Hugh was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma, which according to the Mayo Clinic portal, is a type of skin cancer that usually develops in areas of skin exposed to the sun, such as the face.

The protagonist of Wolverine said that he detected two small abnormal spots on his nose and went to the doctor to either rule out or address the issue immediately.

His doctor sent him for tests, the results of which will be available in two to three days.

The bumps described by the actor appear with prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays; however, Jackman pointed out that “in the world of skin cancers, it is the least dangerous.”

Since being diagnosed with cancer in 2013, the actor has undergone six surgeries to remove basal cell carcinomas.

Hugh Jackman Urges People to Protect Themselves from the Sun

In light of the risk of relapsing with cancer, Hugh Jackman took the opportunity to remind people of the importance of protecting themselves from the sun to prevent this condition.

“Summer is coming in the northern hemisphere. Please use sunscreen. No matter how much you want to look tan. Trust me,” he said.

Wolverine, Vulnerable to Cancer

A fact that fans have highlighted is that in the world of comics and cinema, Wolverine, the fictional character for which Hugh is most known, despite his immortality, has some weaknesses, including cancer.

Wolverine - hugh jackman, en riesgo de recaer con el cáncer... Te queremos, wolverine

His metal skeleton becomes a major disadvantage in treating leukemia because this condition affects the bone marrow, so administering chemotherapy or implementing radiation as a treatment would be useless, as it would not be able to penetrate the metal bones.

Story originally written in Spanish by Nayeli Párraga in Cultura Colectiva.