Jennifer Aniston Knows the Body Changes with Age; She Shows it off with Pride

Jennifer Aniston is true to her essence and beauty at 54 years old.

Isabel Cara

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When it comes to confidence, Jennifer Aniston stands out, because she has always shown that her essence will not be tarnished by people’s criticism. The actress turned 54 years old and obviously, like everyone, we change over time and although it is something natural, some believe that because they are famous they must drink the potion of ‘eternal youth.’

Jennifer and Her Sexy Mini-Dress at 54

Recently, Jennifer attended the presentation of Murder Mistery, her new movie produced by Netflix, where she shares the lead role with Adam Sandler. The actress appeared wearing a sequined and transparent minidress that caught everyone’s attention, something inevitable because she looked really beautiful.

Her outfit was applauded by her fans, who consider that the years do not pass for Jennifer. “I wish I looked like this at 50;” “the most beautiful;” “this is 50, baby;” and “the body and beauty of this woman, wow,” could be read among the comments.

Criticizing Jennifer Aniston’s Knees

Unfortunately, some focused on criticizing some details of her body that are absolutely normal. In a video shared by the Hollywood star wearing this garment, some users on social networks did not touch their hearts and launched harsh criticisms about the appearance of her knees.

They pointed out that they were flabby and wrinkled, and if that wasn’t enough, they took the liberty of making her the absurd recommendation that, at her age, she should stop wearing clothes that show her skin.

Jennifer Aniston knows that people are always going to talk about more, something that does not bother her because she is confident in who she is and knows that age is not at odds with the sensuality and beauty that we want to radiate. Changes in the body are normal, whoever does not want to accept it is their problem, but they should stop making comments if they do not contribute anything positive to others.

Story written in Spanish by Nayeli Párraga in Cultura Colectiva